Does the home run chase mean anything anymore?

Written by John Onan

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even care about these records anymore?" I say we take a page from McGwire's March testimony in front of Congress. Let's move on and not talk aboutrepparttar past. But, atrepparttar 150541 same time, we should place an asterik by these "steroid-era" records before we bury them in a grave that they belong. No, I'm not indicting EVERY player from this era, butrepparttar 150542 overall numbers speak for themselves. Jose Canseco andrepparttar 150543 late Ken Caminiti's admittals that they took illegal substances also speak for themselves. In a perfect world, everyone who cheated would own up to such, but it ain't gonna happen.

Because of this, today's records are laughable. Baseball wanted offense,repparttar 150544 chicks can digrepparttar 150545 longball all they like, but these monster, steroid induced numbers have damagedrepparttar 150546 game more than any work stoppage ever could. It may not show inrepparttar 150547 attendance figures yet, butrepparttar 150548 integrity ofrepparttar 150549 game has broken. Looks like Henry Aaron's legit record berepparttar 150550 next thing "broken" by Major League Baseball. Congrats Barry

John Onan (aka ego74) is sports writer/moderator at the online players union and football writer for

Do You Know These Benefits Of Golf Schools ?

Written by Bud Bradley

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3. State-of-the-Art equipments must be available so that he can practice and improve his skills.

4. Instructor who isrepparttar key of learning must be an excellent golfer and should have abilities to train a person.

Once you join a Golf school, you should leave behind your worries and focus on your game, that will not only help you learn faster but it will be enjoyable also. Some terms you need to know and learn are:

"Full Swing: An aid designed forrepparttar 150427 development of sound full swing.

"Strength/Power: To be a good golfer one must have good muscles, therefore, if one does not have good muscles, he needs to develop it. This will give confidence and distance.

"Strategy: This skill develops withrepparttar 150428 training and practice ofrepparttar 150429 game. The strategy will improve withrepparttar 150430 training.

"Pitching/Chipping: This is to develop sound short-game skills.

"Putting: This is to develop a sound-putting stroke.

Therefore, it is up torepparttar 150431 individual to take maximum Benefits of Golf School and come out from it as a satisfied and good golfer.

Bud Bradley is a freelance writer, working long hours at a computer. His main relaxation is golf, and over many years he's visited many golf schools in an attempt to improve his game. This series of articles relates his experience.

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