Does the Color of your Website Influence Your Marketability?

Written by Charlene Rashkow

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4.You may think that when you look at an ad you're attracted torepparttar words orrepparttar 148918 style, but in fact, more than likely you're attracted torepparttar 148919 color. If you likerepparttar 148920 color, you'll be drawn to buy whateverrepparttar 148921 ad is promoting. If you don't likerepparttar 148922 color, you'll probably be turned off byrepparttar 148923 product.

5. White is always safe and easy onrepparttar 148924 eye as a background color for your site plus it lends itself to a feeling of trust. Although black does appear at first to create drama, it is not a good background color for your web site.

6.Choose colors that complimentrepparttar 148925 white background. While any color blends well with white, all colors are not as appealing torepparttar 148926 emotional eye. Red activates excitement while greens and blues leave a feeling of peace and calm. Dark colors evoke dense, heavy feelings. Yellow offers a feeling of brightness. All colors have different meanings and elicit different feelings so it's important to choose a color that reflects your message.

7. When making a color choice for your web site, remember that colors onrepparttar 148927 red side are warm and stimulating, while blue/green colors are cool and relaxing.

8. Darker colors may appear a bit somber but when mixed with some bright colors, can add a more cheerful tone and be very inviting. As an example, I recently reviewed a site that contained a lot of gray, but there were hues of rust and yellow intermittently dispersed which made it very attractive. Colors and What They Suggest:

BLUE - suggests security, authority, faithfulness and dignity

BROWN - suggests affluence, effectiveness.

GRAY - suggests authority, practicality and creativity

GREEN - suggests health, freedom and tranquility - easiest color onrepparttar 148928 eye.

ORANGE - suggests pleasure, excitement and ambition

PINK - suggests femininity, well being and innocence.

PURPLE - suggests spirituality, wealth, and sophistication

RED - suggests excitement, strength and aggressiveness

WHITE - suggests purity, devotion, and truthfulness.

YELLOW - suggests warmth, sunshine and happiness - good accent color. © 2005 Charlene Rashkow

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Why 95% Of Articles Are Useless For SEO Marketing

Written by Dave Ryan

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Headings, such as your title, will have greater search engine weight thanrepparttar content inrepparttar 148878 article. So try to build your title aroundrepparttar 148879 niche using related keywords. The title isrepparttar 148880 #1 thing that will make or break your articles syndication so make sure to focus it onrepparttar 148881 niche and be creative. Remember your title not only draws in webmasters to use your article, it also draws in people to their site to read it. The more people you draw to their siterepparttar 148882 more likely they are to pick up your next article.

Bold content, relative torepparttar 148883 article, will have a greater search engine weight thanrepparttar 148884 normal text. This is powerful as it allows you to make certain words stick out torepparttar 148885 reader, andrepparttar 148886 search engine spiders. Use this to emphasize key points, but be careful not to over use it as it will look lame and will drive off readers.

Check out article content sites such as E-Biz Articles to see how well crafted articles dominate over poorly constructed ones. There are a lot of article submission sites out there and they all want one thing, quality content for webmasters to use. So please don't submit articles that are not directly focused onrepparttar 148887 niche as it will be less likely to get syndicated and could wreck a webmasters site if it is automatically posted there(through RSS). Not only that but they will be a lot less likely to post your next article to their site. Always remember, your writing for webmasters. Provide them with quality and they will provide you with a syndicated article spot on their site AKArepparttar 148888 golden feed for an article writer.

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