Does Your Site Qualify for a Web Site Award?

Written by Donna Sweat

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4] Always proofread and edit your content for common errors: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc.

5] Check to be sure all links work.Links sometimes need upgrading or a mistake may be made when they are entered.

6] Background and font design are as important asrepparttar content itself. Be surerepparttar 134794 background is compatible withrepparttar 134795 font color. Never use fluorescent or brilliant font color, or background. These shades of color often blindrepparttar 134796 eyes and make reading difficult.

7] Although banners are becomingrepparttar 134797 "IN" thing onrepparttar 134798 Internet, they have their down side.Load time of a page is considerably slower ifrepparttar 134799 page has many banners. Visitors will leaverepparttar 134800 site if load time is slow..thus losing potential customers.Sites are often rejected for having a "Banner Farm." Instead, try writing an interesting paragraph or two aboutrepparttar 134801 link and then link torepparttar 134802 site.More often, than not,a short description will promptrepparttar 134803 visitor to click. Overload of graphics, and clip art are also related.

8] A vital part of any web site arerepparttar 134804 meta tags, title description and key words.repparttar 134805 search engines will never find your site, unless you put in these key words. Take a look at each page and identify these words. You will need many of them, take your time to assemblerepparttar 134806 list of up to 150 words, or related words that are used most often.

9] Be careful ofrepparttar 134807 content onrepparttar 134808 site, such a lottery games, adult content only, if you wish to apply for an award. It might come to getting rid of this type of content.

10] Free hosting can often be a downfall as well. You should have your own domain available at minimal cost if you are well established. I am still using free hosting, but will upgrade inrepparttar 134809 near future.

This list of ten qualities is by no means all that some ask for when you apply for an award. Some ofrepparttar 134810 tips are not required, but are necessary for a quality web site.

Donna Sweat Publisher/Editor Dee's Helpful Info.Newsletter New Albany,Pa.18833

Five Checks for Web Pages

Written by Dianne Reuby

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Check your files. It's easy to upload a new HTML page, and forget to upload any additional graphics, leavingrepparttar visitor with a blank square. I find this especially easy when I'm just using an icon such as **New!** or **Free** - so I keep these in a directory on my site called **Common_Images** - that way, I know where they are, and don't need to upload them for every page I add.

Check in more than one browser. You probably have a favourite browser for surfingrepparttar 134793 web - but we're all different, and all roundrepparttar 134794 world people will be dismissing your choice as **terrible!** So check on your hit counter stats - which browsers are your visitors using? If you don't have room on your hard drive for more than one browser, use one ofrepparttar 134795 webmaster forums to ask for a check from different browser users. , , and all have a forum for this. You're expected to review other members sites in return.

Use these five checks every time you update your site, and you'll have less chance of losing your visitors through simple mistakes.

Dianne Reuby is author of the ebooks "Creating a Web Site with Free Software" and "Searching the Web". Dianne created and runs the Free Site Builder web site and ezine, dedicated to helping newbies create web sites with free tools and resources. Visit FSB at or email her at

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