Does Your Site Have Stopping Power?

Written by Jim Daniels

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What isrepparttar main benefit(s) your prospects and customers get from doing business with you rather thanrepparttar 132103 competition?

Are your pricesrepparttar 132104 cheapest? Is your selectionrepparttar 132105 largest? Do you offer a unique technology? Do you cater to a special niche market? Do you offer free assistance others can't?

If you can't think of at least one main benefit you'd better work on building one into your business. Not only is it crucial to your success, it'srepparttar 132106 only way to slow down those speed surfers -- by simply telling them THEIR benefit as soon as they arrive.

So were you able to come up with at least one solid benefit? Good for you. Now put it into action. First putrepparttar 132107 main benefit or benefits of doing business with you into a sentence.

Need an example? Here's my sentence...

Visitors to bizweb2000 receive high quality online marketing assistance (with no fluff!) from a guy who has been making his living fromrepparttar 132108 Internet since 1996.

As you can see from that sentence,repparttar 132109 best benefits I can offer to my website visitors are:

- quality, no-nonsense help - my experience as a full-time web marketer

You'll see this message prominently displayed at my home page. No, not in those exact words, but through a more powerful method of delivery -- fromrepparttar 132110 mouths of my customers. This is my slow down sign -- and it works.

I invite you, scratch that, I CHALLENGE you to come up with your own "slow down sign" at your website. Spend a day if necessary. If you have trouble coming up with anything, contact some of your best customers and ask them why they do business with you. You may find that their feedback provides allrepparttar 132111 stopping power your home page needs!

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Written by Bob McElwain

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Assume for a moment you are marketing an ebook compiler andrepparttar competition is fierce. Here are a few things you might consider in expanding. Note many are meant only as traffic generators.

* Add a free newsletter. Talk ofrepparttar 132101 future of ebooks and what can be done do with them right now. Keep it brief, light and chatty. (I don't recall seeing a newsletter offered on any site visited, but I may have missed a couple.)

* Build site content to provide valuable information to those interested in writing and selling ebooks. The topic list is endless, but it includes tips for finding good information, collecting it in a pleasing way, and selling it. Search engines will list such pages.

* If you can generate enough traffic, consider a bulletin board, chat, or forum.

* Offer free ebooks produced with your compiler, contributed by those using it.

* Provide a sales platform for those wanting to sell their ebook. Take a cut for doing so. Or make a deal with Dan Sherman . He's got a dandy order fulfillment plan in place.

* Offer free compiles to non-profit organizations. Seek to draw their members into your site as potential individual customers.

* Offer supporting services such as editing, formatting for a compile, and actually compilingrepparttar 132102 finished book.

* Be alert to any new idea a competitor implements. Modify as needed and use it yourself.

* Check out handhelds. You may be able to sellrepparttar 132103 devices andrepparttar 132104 books created for them.

* Buy out one of your competitors and market that product along side yours.

Enough Already

The above can be extended virtually without end. Such a list can be created for any single product site. So go for it.

Include every possible notion that comes to mind, no matter how far out. You're not going to buy out Microsoft, but consider buying out a competitor. Hey, it's a possibility, if you notice one who doesn't seem to be keeping up.

What Now?

Even while seeking to add to your list, order all by priority from top to bottom. The first item onrepparttar 132105 list should berepparttar 132106 one that will produce maximum revenue withrepparttar 132107 least effort.

So long as every notion on your list enhances your position and benefits your target, it's a good idea. Implement each, one at a time as possible. And always remain alert for further ideas.

Withrepparttar 132108 appropriate list and solid implementation, you may just find you have conquered your niche.

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