Does Your Job Need a D.I.E.T.

Written by Jacqueline Ennis

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Keep in mind; Titanium Time is time you have decided not spend with anyone but yourself. Be it alone at home or with hundreds of people at an amusement park. The point is; this is YOUR Time and YOUR Time alone no matter how you decided to spend it!

Whenever you can, put your job, your children, your husband/wife on a D.I.E.T.. This is not total selfishness, it is simply not neglecting your personal self.

Neglecting oneís self, is as self starvation. When you donít dorepparttar things needed to take care of you, your emotions begin to drag and in time you become depressed.

Be aware that D.I.E.T. Times are not always readily available, you may have to seize that personal time whenrepparttar 148977 opportunity presents itself.

For instance, your lunch break, it does not have to always be spent with colleagues and friends.

Once in a while skiprepparttar 148978 usual lunch hangout full of people who can eat up your D.I.E.T. Time.

Spend that time with yourself; a good book (HOLY BIBLE) or put a fresh coat of polish on your nails.

Time spent alone can be celebrated with inner peace. Which in turn makes for a better employee. (do you see a PROMOTION forth coming?)

Personally I suggest you use Dedicated Time for family first and friends second. The amount of time you spend on yourself, your family and friends denotesrepparttar 148979 value you put on each.

In essence Dedicated Time Individual Time Effective Time Titanium Time Makes for a better human being inside which manifestís itself in your family, personal, and business relationships.

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Mirror Mirror

Written by Terri Wells

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At least once a day look into a mirror place a decisive smile on your face and say very simply: "Beautiful," and know, that no matter how you feel you are describing yourself!

Over a period of time not only will you begin to feel beautiful. You will also ,begin to see things about your physical self in a much better light and begin to compliment yourself.

In transition as you will you feel more beautiful. You will hold your head higher and have a more graceful walk. Don't think others won*t notice* they will!

I wrote this article especially for Body By Baby EZine Subscribers, becauserepparttar concept of beauty is often lost to women who have became mothers.

Bringing forth a brand NEW LIFE is usually accompanied by extra weight. We as a society must embracerepparttar 148976 childbearing body before, during and after pregnancy.

If I may boldly borrow fromrepparttar 148977 Ezine. The body that encompass and nourish a child should be "Treasured as a One of a Kind Work of Art. Sculptured not by hands but byrepparttar 148978 delicate development of new life!"

I want to apologize to all women who has NOT felt beautiful due to media*s concept of beauty. No one or no thing should ever make a person feel that they are lacking in any area of self worth. forrepparttar 148979 BIBLE says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

The next time you look into a Mirror don't ASK it if you're beautiful,

TELL IT YOUR'RE BEAUTIFUL! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By: Terri Wells for

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