Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Written by Mike Nalbone

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If you do think your dog has some type of allergy, consult your vet. The doctor will be able to perform tests to determine whether an allergic condition exists, how severe it is, and whatrepparttar proper treatment will be. Ifrepparttar 149704 dog has an allergy to certain foods, it will be imperative to restrictrepparttar 149705 animal’s diet to eliminate those items that cause a reaction. The vet’s testing methods can help to determine whether this type of allergy exists as well. Ifrepparttar 149706 dog has flea allergy dermatitis (an allergic reaction torepparttar 149707 saliva of fleas, rather than torepparttar 149708 insects themselves), an extreme flea prevention regimen will be recommended.

Just like humans, dogs that suffer from various allergies can live comfortably with them if they are detected and treated properly. It is important to keep in mind that this is not a time to “play doctor” by attempting to diagnose and treat a possible allergic condition yourself. Only your veterinarian is qualified to determine whether your dog is suffering from allergies and what course of action to take.

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7 Puppy Naming Tips

Written by Jennifer McVey

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At first glance, a couple things will stand out about your new puppy. Enjoy him or her for a day or two and take these into consideration. •Appearance. What’s your dog look like? His color, size, and personal style inspires a variety of name choices. “Stubbs” would be a great name for a dachshund pup. Or you may call a cream colored cock-a-poo “Buffy.” •Personality. Given a couple of days, your new dog’s personality will really shine through. Try “Cuddles” forrepparttar sweet little guy who loves to get cozy or “Puddles” forrepparttar 149664 pooch who can’t seem to findrepparttar 149665 doggie door. If you want to go beyondrepparttar 149666 basics, many famous dog names or foreign dog names can fitrepparttar 149667 bill. Consider these favorite puppy names when making your decision.•Celebrity puppy names. Today, pooches have more celebrity following than their famous owners. Chew on “Lola,” a name used by both Hilary Duff andrepparttar 149668 Osbournes. •TV dogs. “Scooby” and “Astro” come to mind if you want to honor a famous TV pup. •Movie dogs. Cool movies and cool dog names seem to go hand in hand. Cool Hand Luke’s “Blue” would be a fitting label for a variety of dogs. Or try “Bodie,” fromrepparttar 149669 weeper Steel Magnolias. •Comic dogs. “Snoopy” will always be a favorite, but also consider “Daisy” or “Odie.” •German dog names. For starters, try out “Fritz” or “Kaiser.” •Irish dog names. “Finn” fits well for any pup, as does “Murphy,” which just happens to mean “hound ofrepparttar 149670 sea.” •French puppy names. “Pierre” and “Gigi” are top contenders for any dog, especially those with a little oo-la-la in their genes. The choices are endless. However, with these simple tips and some thought, before long, you’ll have foundrepparttar 149671 perfect puppy name!

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