Does Your Copy Look "Fake" To the Search Engines?

Written by Karon Thackston

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Find accommodation in Wherever by clicking onrepparttar Wherever map orrepparttar 108040 active links. You will then see holiday rental apartments, villas and townhouses in stunning Wherever accommodation.

Let's suppose someone walked into your travel agency and asked for help. You would most likely ask what they were looking for. They would reply, "Holiday rentals in Wherever. What can you show me?" Would you honestly take off onrepparttar 108041 spiel above? Can you see yourself talking to a real client face-to-face and saying, "We offer Wherever holiday rentals in Wherever and can find you many apartments, villas, and houses in Wherever"? I don't think so.

Tips for Writing In Natural Language

1) Vary your keywords/phrases. For example, if a keyphrase you particularly want to target is "14k gold jewelry" consider also using keyphrases like "14k gold watches" or "gold wedding bands" or others along those lines. This will give you a variety of phrases within your copy.

2) Read it out loud. When you read your copy out loud you'll get a better sense of whether it sounds unnatural. If you wouldn't say, "We make 14k gold jewelry and have made 14k gold jewelry for 10 years. If you need 14k gold jewelry just view our catalog" out loud, then don't put it in your copy, either.

3) Break up keyphrases. As searchers get more knowledgeable about finding what they want inrepparttar 108042 engines, they use longer and longer search queries some of which just don't make any sense. For instance, I recently had to userepparttar 108043 phrase "real estate Pittsburg downtown" when writing a page of SEO copy. Since this search string was not easily worked in as that exact phrase, I broke it up. One sentence I used it in said: "When looking for commercial real estate in Pittsburg checkrepparttar 108044 downtown listings first for exceptional locations and prices." The words are still inrepparttar 108045 same order with minor breaks in between. When you can't use a phrase "as is" this is a very viable alternative.

Keep in mindrepparttar 108046 direction search engine optimization is taking. The closer you can get to writing in natural language,repparttar 108047 better off you'll be. It only makes sense to create a site now that will last throughrepparttar 108048 long haul. Especially when that site will have a better chance of favorably appealing torepparttar 108049 engines and your visitors.

Karon is author of “How To Increase Keyword Saturation (Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy).” Discover the secrets to creating SEO copy with a perfect balance between keywords and natural language.

"Copywriting Secrets Of The Indian Mystics"

Written by Dave Alston

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Each little copywriting ‘word boat’ is saturated with an invisible (to you but not your readers), almost DNA like substance which betrays who you really are to everyone who reads what you write.

Eek! Kinda scarey…

So putting your best food forward for business doesn’t mean covering uprepparttar nasty bits and hoping folks won’t find them. Their ’sixth sense’ tells them to avoid you or do business with you becauserepparttar 108039 ’substance’ leaks out fromrepparttar 108040 little boats to alert them to whorepparttar 108041 real you is, whether you like it or not.

Rather, you fix what’s wrong in your business, align who and what you are with an honest decent direction and let that saturate all your future messages as you roll out your campaigns to winrepparttar 108042 world. Then your transparency will win you friends and business… you become attractive.

Never forget when your words drop through someones letter box, email box or arrive throughrepparttar 108043 ether on a telephone wire folks instantly know deep in their gut whether you’rerepparttar 108044 ‘real deal’ or not.

You can’t hide it - when you wrote your copy or launched into your sales pitch you filled your ‘little boat’ with who you really are, your own unique DNA … probably without even knowing it.

Think about your copywriting this way; yes you’ve got to grab attention, giverepparttar 108045 other person what they want, see things from their perspective, give themrepparttar 108046 benefits up front etc but when it comes to your USP and what makes YOU special, make sure your entire message is drenched in your unique, niche tailored, custom fitted, perfectly targeted USP… but it must be done with absolute honesty or they will know, they just will.

I remember years ago working for a photocopying company - I wasrepparttar 108047 best inrepparttar 108048 whole company at getting appointments yet useless at selling them if I went on an appointment; why? Because although I’d admitted it to no one including myself atrepparttar 108049 time - I hated photocopiers (they are so boring) andrepparttar 108050 people could instantly tell that when I spoke about them.

Onrepparttar 108051 other hand I loved getting appointments forrepparttar 108052 company (I secretly hopedrepparttar 108053 boss would sendrepparttar 108054 other ‘good reps’ onrepparttar 108055 calls) and that’s why I did so well at setting them, people were instantly turned on by my words downrepparttar 108056 phone to them because I was passionate about lead generation.

My boats were full to torepparttar 108057 top with unique ‘Dave Alston-ness!’ and people loved it so they set appointments with me.

You also need to be special, unique, different for someone to do business with you these days because folks can so easily go somewhere else atrepparttar 108058 click of a mouse - align your business with who you really should be.

Ensure every word you say, or write is filled torepparttar 108059 brim withrepparttar 108060 right spirit and true integrity and allowrepparttar 108061 ’sea’ to carry each ‘little boat’ directly into every single heart you target. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

Make no mistake, in these increasingly impersonal and troubled times people value enriching business ‘partnerships’ they can rely on and will give them their business. But you’ll only get them by targetingrepparttar 108062 heart… and they’ll only let you in if they can instantly sense they can trust you.

People want to know you care - they’ll sense it instantly; good or bad, when your ‘word ship’ arrives whether you want them to or not. So why not examine all your words verbal and written from how your small business answersrepparttar 108063 phone, your voice mails, your sales letters, autoresponder messages, right through to your web site content? Replace defective words with heart to heart communication instead.

Check if your communications really are brimming withrepparttar 108064 good stuff you want others to see in your business when they get word from you. Don’t send them containers full of refuse with your good companies name on it without even realising it. The world’s got too much of it already… spam. Send out a little fleet of ‘word ships’ filled with gold to make peoples lives better instead.

That’s just one tiny copywriting secret I’ve gleaned so far fromrepparttar 108065 Indian Mystics. Keep your eyes peeled forrepparttar 108066 next article it’s ‘The Indian Rope Trick’.

Dave Alston is the Author of 'Revealed: The Hidden Truth About Web Design' and owner of - small business web success driven by crystal clear copywriting. Subscribe to his 'Ace Tips' marketing RSS feed by copying and pasting into your RSS Reader.

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