Does Reading Make Music?

Written by Ronald Worthy

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So go ahead—learn to be a good reader. Not just a good letter reader, be a phrase-wise reader. Be aware of everything printed onrepparttar page, but read betweenrepparttar 149272 lines. Like a good actor, put yourself inrepparttar 149273 role and project your feelings to your listeners . Don't let your development stop with just reading pitch and time. Include those little nuances:repparttar 149274 delicate shadings of volume,repparttar 149275 elasticity of tempo�the phrases that punctuate your musical story. Those arerepparttar 149276 things that make music fromrepparttar 149277 printed page.

Now you know your answer. It is not wrong to learn to read fluently. Reading, as well as good technique, is a vital part of a musician's craft. Andrepparttar 149278 more automatic your reading and technique become,repparttar 149279 easier it will be to learn new music. That, of course, isrepparttar 149280 one big advantagerepparttar 149281 fluent reader has overrepparttar 149282 ear player—the player who reads can learn new music he or she has never heard.

Perhaps your second question is also answered. Of course, you can enjoy music even if you have to dig out every note phrase by phrase. A few hints may help you decide how to choose your music and how to go about learning it. First:

Choose music that is well within your present level of playing so you won't have to work forever on once piece.

Don't worry about challenging yourself.

Don't dub yourself lazy just because you play easy pieces. Who cares what grade level your music is? Just playrepparttar 149283 melody so beautifully that everyone wants to hum along.

Keeprepparttar 149284 beat moving smoothly and withrepparttar 149285 proper accent so everyone will want to tap their toes.

Put in enough subtle changes of volume to makerepparttar 149286 phrases speak.

Deviate fromrepparttar 149287 established beat just enough to enhancerepparttar 149288 natural flow of rhythm to makerepparttar 149289 music come alive.

Ron Worthy is a Music Educator, Songwriter and Performer. His Web Site, Play Piano Like a PRO, offers Proven Tips, Tool, and Strategies (that anyone can learn) to Play Rock, Pop, Blues and Smooth Jazz Piano.

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