Does Lack of Confidence Stop You?

Written by Jo Ball

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Imagine how powerful it would sound to them. Imaginerepparttar example you would make when you succeed. Imagine their faces then!

Living your Life Purpose is more than a career, but since you spend so much time earning money it is a key element.

The biggest hint I can give you to finding Life Purpose through work is to search for something you feel a deep pull and an undoubted passion towards. When you find that, many things will happen…

You’re health will improve. You’ll work longer, faster and harder than ever and love it. You’ll smile and laugh more and become a people magnet as you become more interesting and fun to be around.

Your confidence will literally rocket.

Begin by finding your unique gift and then explore how you can use that in a distinctive way to help others improve their lives.

Best Wishes

Jo Ball Coach & Founder of Unstoppable Life

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Dating Tip -This year… Be thankful for being single…

Written by Andrew Clacy

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•Write a note of thanks to someone. •Be thankful forrepparttar “little” things in life. •Drop all criticisms & be thankful to yourself. •Be thankful you have an opportunity to start a relationship with someone new. •Be thankful you are not in a negative relationship. It is much better to be single than in an unhappy relationship. •Think about allrepparttar 140475 good you have learnt about yourself since you have been single. In short, be thankful in all that you are doing. Just rememberrepparttar 140476 greatest risk in life is not to take any risk at all!! .

e-mail me offers dating tips for men to find single women. Andrew Clacy is a freelance writer. A single Dad with 2 boys, he believes in getting out. He has studied extensively on romance & human emotions, and he is constantly researching relationships and romance. Exploring ways to add romance to electronic communication is also another pursuit he enjoys.

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