Doctor, Iím bingeing but I still canít loose weight

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

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The same thing happens to humans. Not only this, but when you overeat, you taxrepparttar liver. One ofrepparttar 131249 key functions ofrepparttar 131250 liver is to release bile, which helps to break down fats. Bingeing not only makes you fatter, it makes it harder for your body to break down fats. Thatís a loose-loose situation. So, unless youíre eyeing a blue ribbon atrepparttar 131251 country fair, leave bingeing torepparttar 131252 hogs.

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Obese Mothers make Obese kids!

Written by Jasdeep Singh

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Berkowitz said certain children must carry a combination of genes that make them much more vulnerable to what he callsrepparttar 'toxic' western environment, where it is difficult to exercise and food abounds. He doesn't blame diet to berepparttar 131247 only factor for obesity. "It doesn't appear to berepparttar 131248 factor entirely because we know there are plenty of lean people who eat hamburgers.", he said. " The lean group stays lean but this high risk group really takes off."

Results and studies at US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says 15% of U.S. children are overweight and more than 60% of adults are overweight or obese. Now that's a tummy full statistics for you! Reuters

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