Do you own your own name?

Written by M. May

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Did you forget your own name?

Written by Gary King

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You may contact your registrar during this period to renew your domain, but will nearly always have to pay an additional fee in order to retrieve your domain name from redemption.

The amount ofrepparttar redemption fee could be an additional $50 - $90 (US), but each registrar sets their own fees for this service, some higher, some lower. Whateverrepparttar 108270 amount, it is in addition to your renewal fees.

Afterrepparttar 108271 30 day redemption period,repparttar 108272 domain enters a phase called “Pending Deletion”, which is approximately 5 days in length. During this phase,repparttar 108273 domain is essentially “frozen”. It can not be retrieved byrepparttar 108274 original registrant and it can not be registered by another party.

Atrepparttar 108275 end of this phase (which in practice may not be a full 5 days)repparttar 108276 domain is once again available torepparttar 108277 first applicant that requests to register it.

============================== #3. Don’t count on it ============================== If your domain name expires, don’t assume that you can simply re-registerrepparttar 108278 name again once it becomes available, thereby savingrepparttar 108279 redemption fees.

Even if it is a little known name, there are literally thousands of companies and individuals that may grab your expired domainrepparttar 108280 second it’s available, preventing you from re-registering it.

Companies that offer to send targeted visitor traffic to your web site often do so by purchasing other expired domain names.

Companies that resell domain names may snag your expired domain in hopes of selling it back to you at a premium or selling it to another party.

Someone else may have just really wantedrepparttar 108281 domain name you had and placed a back-order for it (a request to purchase ifrepparttar 108282 name becomes available).

Most organizations and individuals that purchase expired domains do so using automated software, and therefore have a much higher likelihood of obtainingrepparttar 108283 name than an individual attempting to monitor availability by hand.

================== #4. Summary ================== Each registrar has their own policies regarding expired domains; therefore,repparttar 108284 time you have to rescue your domain fromrepparttar 108285 hands of others may differ fromrepparttar 108286 schedule above. Check your domain name now, and keep a reminder to renew it. That way, you can avoidrepparttar 108287 potential issues and additional costs of an expired domain all together.

Happy Site Building,

Gary King

Gary King juggles many endeavors, one of which provides easy to use tools for webmasters of all levels, including web, flash, powerpoint and corporate logo templates at

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