Do you make this big mistake writing your articles?

Written by Chen Zarza

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Maybe you don't agree with me at this point, but let me tell you something: headlines create excitement, enthusiasm, interest , to achieve this, they must be seductive, appealing, desirables, if your headline succeeds, you have a receptive reader, it's up to you to give him/her motives to deep into your article. Do you feelrepparttar headline's importance?, isrepparttar 150530 opening of your article, but atrepparttar 150531 same time introduce your topic, attract attention and compelledrepparttar 150532 reader to go on. Work in your headline, carefully chooserepparttar 150533 words, remember one word mayberepparttar 150534 difference: success or failure.

Headlines sell ideas, concepts or knowledge, whatever intention you have, you are trying to influence, to “hypnotize” and “force” people to go through your article fromrepparttar 150535 beginning torepparttar 150536 end.

The marketers know that “Your first 15 words count for more thanrepparttar 150537 15,000 words that follow!”, in a sales letterrepparttar 150538 weight of a headline goes from 50% to 80%. Could you bring this knowledge and apply it when you are writing your articles?, I think so, you can write articles that accomplish these features: seductive, interesting and knowledgeable.

For all these reasons is so important you consider headlines as an prominent part of your writing skills, you need them, it doesn't matter if you are selling, preparing a presentation, sending emails, getting an autoresponder course, writing a book, ezine, articles... in short... if you write, this is for you.

I would like to tell you more about this interesting skill, but, for now my mission is accomplished,repparttar 150539 curiosity factor is in you, work in your headlines and you literally will be sucking readers, remember.. hypnotize your audience, great headlines and quality content.... that's it.

Chen Zarza Webmaster and Project leader, 20+ experience in the information technology world. He has developed financial system for several years. Background: Databases, Web , Finances

Put Your Company Logo on Cotton!

Written by Kelli Fassbender

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Whether you are ordering locally or online,repparttar entire process from ordering to receiving your apparel should take around 2 weeks. If you needrepparttar 150338 apparel faster, you can opt for other production and/or shipping methods for additional fees. Some companies can getrepparttar 150339 goods to you fromrepparttar 150340 time of ordering in as early as three business days.

Ordering your own company t-shirts is notrepparttar 150341 only way to advertise on apparel. Inquire about sponsoring community events that are coming up in your area. These events may have their own custom t-shirts in addition to other promotional materials that you could have your company logo printed onto if you are helping sponsor it. Such events include fundraisers, sporting events, and school functions. Check your local papers and community newsletters for more information about such community events and sponsorship opportunities.

Kelli Fassbender is a designer and writer for This article is provided courtesy of offers advice for printing, sizing, and pricing custom t-shirts. For more information about custom t-shirts visit:

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