Do you know your Country? Origin of Country Music Quiz

Written by Robert Harper

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5) What female country singer joined forces with Moe Bandy to singrepparttar song,"It's a Cheatin' Situation"?

A. Charly McClain B. Tammy Wynette C. Jan Howard D. Martha Carson -----

6) Hank Williams Sr. called his son Hank Jr. "Bocephus". Where didrepparttar 110013 name "Bocephus" come from?

A. Artwork from a World War II bomber. B. Comedian Rod Brasfield's vetriloquist dummy. C. Name ofrepparttar 110014 town drunk in Huntsville, Alabama. D. None ofrepparttar 110015 above.


1. B 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. A 6. B


1) The Movie Roadie: How Meatloaf Tried To Kill Me

2) Country Music Magazine, March 2002

3) More Memories, Ralph Emery with Tom Carter (Paperback)

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Written by Gary Gresham

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