Do you have the skills to be a secret service agent?

Written by graham and julie

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•When was I most successful?

Sit quietly in a private space and let your body relax and turn your thoughts inwards, to yourself. Look back into your past, look for allrepparttar times you were successful. Look for those times when you felt really confident and well. Don’t let your “editor” distract you. Focus on those good times. The times when you were successful. Enjoyrepparttar 140198 feeling. What strengths were you using at this time?

Don’t forget to write them, your strengths, on your LARGE sheet of paper.

Keep this sheet of paper and read it before you go to sleep. The last thing you do before you sleep. Read YOUR strengths.

In a short time you will find that your focus does change. You are able to live your uniqueness. You are happy and more fulfilled. You no longer qualify for membership ofrepparttar 140199 secret services. You are no longer Mr. Cellophane Man.

You are someone who has something to offerrepparttar 140200 world.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

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Mindfulness and Mystery: Sleuthing Toward Interpersonal Awareness

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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What can you learn about this person in particular and people in general by paying attention to this gesture? What arerepparttar subtle differences between people using this gesture, and between instances whenrepparttar 140079 same person uses this gesture?

Remember, to develop mindfulness we need to notice new things, draw distinctions, shift our perspective, and stay focused onrepparttar 140080 moment.

•Watching for a gesture allows us to pop into mindfulness mode whenever we notice our selected trigger. •Paying attention torepparttar 140081 various emotions and words ofrepparttar 140082 player helps us draw distinctions. •Looking at how different people use this gesture depending onrepparttar 140083 circumstances teaches us to shift our perspective. •Spending even a few seconds of mindful attention whenever we see that hand-to-forehead gesture gives us a simple, brief, appealing opportunity to be fully present inrepparttar 140084 moment.

Whether your interpersonal intelligence is highly developed or not, you can improverepparttar 140085 way you pay attention torepparttar 140086 world around you by engaging in this easy little game. Just pick a gesture, and start noticing when it appears.

Nobody needs to know. It's your secret mission. It will take only a few seconds here and there.

You will find that this is a remarkably powerful way to improve your ability to shift your focus instantly, heighten your awareness of visual cues, deepen your understanding of how emotions are expressed, and start seeing yourself as someone who PAYS ATTENTION.

Start sleuthing your way toward greater mindfulness by watchingrepparttar 140087 dramas unfold all around you.

You'll be maximizingrepparttar 140088 mysteries of life!

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse in Portland, Oregon. Through her company, Real-World Mindfulness Training, she teaches fun and powerful eyes-wide-open alternatives to meditation. To subscribe to her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massge, please visit

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