Do you have a site map?

Written by Dušan Drobac

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To create site map for your website quick a freeware tool can be used. Site map can be created using this freeware tool Download Sitemap Creator This application exports directory structure to a file, can be used to create sitemap of a website, or to printrepparttar contents of a folder. This is free site maps generator, it is desktop application, it is small download only about 50 KB. Download Sitemap Creatorrepparttar 142498 best free tool for creating site maps.

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SEO: The Importance of an Ethical Approach

Written by Irina Ponomareva

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Thus,repparttar interests of Internet users are ignored. The quality of search results is not a concern anymore. Search engines are treated as "adversaries" that should be "fought" for rankings, not anymore as a source of quality results and help for Internet users. Such tactics are, inrepparttar 142461 long run, destructive forrepparttar 142462 Internet inrepparttar 142463 whole - as a medium and a part of our cultural life - but nobody cares. Atrepparttar 142464 same time, these very search engine marketers will tell you that they "treat their clients ethically", because they "deliver what they promise" (i.e. rankings) and "warnrepparttar 142465 client honestly aboutrepparttar 142466 risks involved" (i.e.repparttar 142467 risk of being banned or penalised byrepparttar 142468 search engines and being forced to register another domain and start anew).

One remarkable point: these people hate it when they act as searchers (userepparttar 142469 search engines to find what they need) and are forced to struggle through someone else's useless spam. They describe their experience with such indignation! But that'srepparttar 142470 point of being really ethical: "treat others as you want to be treated".

Inrepparttar 142471 last years,repparttar 142472 Internet has become very polluted, all due to spammers' efforts. It becomes dangerous to link to other sites, becauserepparttar 142473 risk of running into a bad neighbourhood is as high as it has never been before. In an attempt to avoid bad neighbourhoods, honest people will link less, andrepparttar 142474 best part ofrepparttar 142475 Net will die of "linklessness", whilerepparttar 142476 spammy part will grow.

Who benefits ifrepparttar 142477 Net dies?

The answer is: nobody. The Net, this effective and popular medium created to provide people from every corner ofrepparttar 142478 civilised world with free and easy access to information, is now turning into a place used by greedy marketers to earn quick and easy money through deception. This isrepparttar 142479 road to nowhere, since whenrepparttar 142480 amount of useless rubbish exceeds some reasonable limit,repparttar 142481 Internet users will get disappointed and start going offline, one by one. Withoutrepparttar 142482 users,repparttar 142483 Internet will come to its end, andrepparttar 142484 suicidal tactics ofrepparttar 142485 "black hat" SE marketers will bring them what they deserve. Butrepparttar 142486 price we all will have to pay will be huge. That's why we say "no" to spam techniques today. Tomorrow, it may be too late.

No interest opposition

An ethical SEO will improverepparttar 142487 client's site and ensure that inrepparttar 142488 end, all involved parties will benefit. The client will receive a high quality product and improved business through better visibility and conversions;repparttar 142489 search engines will be treated in a friendly way, and their task of determining whatrepparttar 142490 site is really about will be simplified greatly;repparttar 142491 visitors will enjoy exploringrepparttar 142492 site and making use of information and services it provides;repparttar 142493 Internet will receive another great, valuable resource.

It's been noticed that whenrepparttar 142494 search engine rankings alone are considered "the client's best interest", andrepparttar 142495 scope of work is determined with this approach in mind,repparttar 142496 end user (site visitors) often becomes neglected. The copy is written with search engines and only search engines in mind (then it will, probably, be cloaked to "hide"repparttar 142497 "successful" writings from competitors and prevent stealing by another unethical SEO). Whatrepparttar 142498 visitor will see is treated asrepparttar 142499 least important part ofrepparttar 142500 process. As a result, good rankings may well be achieved (not for long: banning fromrepparttar 142501 SE indices will happen sooner or later, anyway), but sales remain onrepparttar 142502 same level (or go down).

Is it in your best interest? Are you sure?

Irina, Ponomareva. I joined Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, on March 2003. I've been acting as a web master, a developer, and an SEO specialist ever since.

After practising search engine optimisation for a year I then launched Spider Friendly - the autonomous SEO branch of Magic Web Solutions (UK) offering SEO/SEM services - in co-operation with my colleague Dmitry Antonoff.

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