Do you Want to be a Good Guy or a Bad Guy ?

Written by Mehmet Aksoy

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This feeling is what I call = To Feel Haven here on earth!

But be warned my friend.... Before you jump into true love, make sure you can survive if something goes wrong...

Ifrepparttar one you love someday tells you that she doesn't love you anymore or she goes away, you will feelrepparttar 102544 greatest of all pains, it will feel as if you had to die to survive....

The Joy Love brings isrepparttar 102545 greatest joy of all, andrepparttar 102546 sadness isrepparttar 102547 worst you can feel....

If you ask me this is a risk I would take, after all do you really know how much time you got left here on earth ?

Thankyou for reading my friend I'm allways here to help my fellow human beings God Bless

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'Resistance' means Success for Affiliates

Written by David McKenzie

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2. An affiliate program is only as successful asrepparttar affiliate promoting it. It does not matter how good a new program sounds; unless you can completely devote yourself torepparttar 102543 marketing of it, you will not be successful with it. Ask yourselfrepparttar 102544 question “Will you have enough time to adequately promote this new affiliate program?”

3. Will joining this new program mean you have less time to promote your other affiliate programs? Ifrepparttar 102545 answer is yes then your income from your existing programs will suffer. Unless you can be completely confident you can cover this loss of income withrepparttar 102546 new affiliate program, then do not join it.

Affiliates are always being bombarded with new opportunities and new affiliate programs that have even bigger and better commissions. However, unless you remain focussed, these new opportunities are unlikely to result in greater success.

Often, resistance isrepparttar 102547 best path to success. Resist joining too many affiliate programs. I do it every day.

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