Do visitors leave YOUR site feeling confused?

Written by Tony Murtagh

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No e-mail address (or at least very difficult to find) - what do you have to hide? - Why do you not want anyone to contact you? I appreciate that publishing an e-mail address, leaves you open torepparttar possibility of spammers, but it just might bring you some customers!

No "about us" page. It helps to build confidence if there is a small section detailingrepparttar 134654 names of who runsrepparttar 134655 site, perhaps with a small biography and even a photo! Let your visitors know that they are dealing with a real live human being who has enough confidence in their site to be proud to put their personal details on it.

No contact details. As withrepparttar 134656 above, atrepparttar 134657 very least you should show a company name and mailing address, together with an email address and possibly a contact telephone number.

So to summarise:-

Tell your visitors clearly and quickly what your site is about, with a fast loading front page that has a clear benefit statement at or nearrepparttar 134658 top, answeringrepparttar 134659 question "What's in it for me?"

Have a means for your visitor to contact you easily - they may wish to buy from you!

Build visitors confidence by telling them who you are, where you are from and a little about your previous business experience.

I have to go now and check my site - ensure that YOU check YOURS!!

Tony Murtagh has spent all his career involved in sales, sales management, marketing and PR. He is now sharing his wide experience of sales, marketing and promotion in his web site: - mailto:// and in a weekly e-ezine Aardvark Marketing, which you can subscribe to from the site, or

Putting Sound on your Web Site - Part 2

Written by John Rickey

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Wave Wave files, although large in file size, can still be used on web sites. A web designer may want to person to speak"Hello" or some phrase when a button is pressed. This can done with a wave file. Providedrepparttar wave file is less than a second this may provide a file size of about 10k. You can download a free demo of programs like Cool Edit Pro or Cakewalk to recordrepparttar 134653 wave file. (The demo will not save nor print though.) After recordingrepparttar 134654 file, you need to changerepparttar 134655 sampling rate to about 11khz and use an 8 bit resolution in mono. This greatly reducesrepparttar 134656 file size but compromises a bit on quality. Songs can alternatively be saved inrepparttar 134657 real audio format as an'.ra' file as mentioned above. There are other ways to record wave such as Beatnik, Windows Media Technology to name a few but I have focused here onrepparttar 134658 most popular.

Sun's ".au" Files Many web designers are now using java applets and scripts onrepparttar 134659 web. Most applets userepparttar 134660 .au format to put sound files intorepparttar 134661 applets. There is often a chance to customize sounds inrepparttar 134662 applet's parameter tags. It is important though in many applets to use a sampling rate of 8k when saving repparttar 134663 .au file. Otherwiserepparttar 134664 sound will not work inrepparttar 134665 applet. The new swing jar java is opening up new sample rates. I will talk focus on making MIDI for your web site next.

John Rickey is an experienced MIDI arranger. He graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in music and has worked from studio recordings to Movies with his arranging. You can contact him at or visit his MIDI Design Site at http//

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