Do You Want to Just Survive or Thrive? (part one)

Written by Jayce McMeeken

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It wasn’t bringing me more time with my family to appreciate and experience LIFE.

It wasn’t a fight that was mine!

And that’srepparttar bottom line! The fight that many of us face every day is often not a fight that by winning it makes us happy. So I resolved to become a warrior that fights for what I believe in. I resolved to become a warrior that fights forrepparttar 146790 life that is best suited to me and my family’s lifestyle.

I resolved to fight for what counts!

It was my fault for my circumstances and it was because of lack of action towardsrepparttar 146791 important elements in life. It was my fault and no one else could be blamed and no excuse could be used – I was accountable!

Once this adjustment was made to my perspective,repparttar 146792 doors to abundance began to open wide enough for me to sneak a peak. What I saw helped me to believe that maybe, just maybe,repparttar 146793 lifestyle that my family and I want is possible for us.

It has becomerepparttar 146794 fight of my life.

“Fighting to payrepparttar 146795 bills is hardly worth it… fight for a better life!”

Jayce McMeeken, the founder of “Absolute Coaching International” and author of the inspirational book “Believe You Are RICH!”. Want more money? Want to invest safely but with great returns? Visit Jayce at Please mention this article for a discount on any product.

Build Your Own Wine Rack (In An Afternoon)

Written by Pankaj andy

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If you are thinking over some color, although it all depends uponrepparttar color ofrepparttar 146640 walls and other surroundings, we recommendrepparttar 146641 dark ones. They give a more romantic and elegant look. Redwood andrepparttar 146642 mahogany generally do not need to be painted.

There are certain precautions that need to be considered. There should be no electrical installations where you are preparing to have your wine rack. The lighting system atrepparttar 146643 ceiling is calledrepparttar 146644 can lighting and it should be around 15 inch fromrepparttar 146645 wall for a single deep racking and around 28 to 30 inch for double deep racking. The doors andrepparttar 146646 windows ofrepparttar 146647 bar should be properly installed so that they maintain insulation of inside from outside. The rack should not interfere withrepparttar 146648 door, window or any type of switch.

Besidesrepparttar 146649 above ones there are certain racks called as counter top racks meant for a few bottles ranging from 1 to 12 and generally they are suited for a small gathering and are best kept on a table. Similarly there are certain racks which are rightly called hanging racks for they hang torepparttar 146650 ceiling orrepparttar 146651 wall and they serverepparttar 146652 purpose of both a show piece and a functional small rack.

Pankaj andy writes about wine rack topics.

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