Do You Want To Save Money Easily?

Written by T. O' Donnell

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Clothes. Do you need to buy fashionable clothes, so you can look like everyone else? If you need to blend in, fine. You can be surerepparttar leaders of fashion don't. They head to charity shops and buy Harris tweed and old lace for pennies. They get suits made to measure by sweated labour in Thailand. That's how they get that 'unique' look. What's that, you don't likerepparttar 137770 idea of sweat-shops? Guess what, that's where a lot of fashionable clothes get made anyway. It's called 'outsourcing' and 'offshoreing'.

Automobiles. Running a car inrepparttar 137771 UK costs about £5000 ($9000 USD) a year, all-in. Save, by buying a second-hand auto. Save, by buying a less powerful, more fuel efficient model. Save further by thereby getting lower insurance and road-tax.

Personal foibles: I used to buy a lot of internet magazines. These cost up to £5 each, or about $10 in USD. I found a lot of information aboutrepparttar 137772 internet, was already onrepparttar 137773 internet, so I stopped buyingrepparttar 137774 magazines. There are very few papers or magazines worth reading. Findrepparttar 137775 few that inform, rather than titillate, waffle or distract. Visitrepparttar 137776 local library, it's free. Drop in to a 'Borders' bookshop, and have a free read.

Debt. Don't buy what you can't afford with someone else's money. Credit cards are an expensive way of getting a loan. Try your friends or relatives first. Your local credit union is a good option; better rates, better terms, friendlier faces. Better yet, don't borrow. Live free. Keep away fromrepparttar 137777 loan-sharks. You can manage without that holiday.

Put your saved money in a high interest, 180-day notice account. Put it in a bank different to your current one, in caserepparttar 137778 latter goes bust. Make a mental note that it's for emergencies only, then contrive to live 'safely'.

Save up enough to last you a year and a day off work, and notice how much calmer and confident you feel!

T. O' Donnell ( is an ecommerce consultant in London, UK. His latest project is a loan and mortgage calculator, available at

Treating Adult Acne With Anti-aging Moisturizers

Written by Paul Resnick

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The problem is that benzoyl peroxide, while it is effective in removing oil, dries outrepparttar skin thus increasingrepparttar 137769 amount of dead skin tissue onrepparttar 137770 surface ofrepparttar 137771 skin. This in turn clogs pores. For most women however, using moisturizers to relieve this dryness is not an option. The oils and waxes used in moisturizers aggravate acne because they compound pore blockage.

Several companies have worked to solve this problem and have developed moisturizers for acne prone skin. Murad and Olay have developed a number of products. At Niora, we have worked to solve this problem by creating moisturizers formulated with specially emulsified jojoba oil. Jojoba oil, while intensely moisturizing, is a fine oil with a far smaller molecular weight than sebum, or skin oil. Jojoba penetrates these heavier skin oils, unclogging pores and dissolving nascent blackheads and whiteheads. Because of Niora’s emulsification process, dissolved sebum and excess oils rinse free leavingrepparttar 137772 skin soft and clean.

These lighter moisturizers can be blended with alpha hydroxy acids, which in turn exfoliaterepparttar 137773 skin and work to prevent excessive tissues from building, back up inrepparttar 137774 pores. Typically these types of exfoliating cleansers must be used daily to be effective, but they replace normal moisturizers and cleansers and fit easily into most skin care regimes.

These new skin care products thus offerrepparttar 137775 best of both worlds: an effective acne treatment that moisturizesrepparttar 137776 skin and reduces wrinkling. To date thousands of women have successfully used these new products demonstrating thatrepparttar 137777 best acne treatment might well be anti-aging skin care.

Niora is the manufacturer of the sensitive skin friendly anti-aging acne treatment, Alpha Clear. Niora has created fine anti-aging skin care since 1989. Niora

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