Do You Want To Remain Anonymous? Or Would You Prefer To Be Famous?

Written by R.M. Blackledge

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The lack of a simple personal name onrepparttar product may create unnecessary questions inrepparttar 135616 customer's mind. This creates doubt. Just as quickly as all of that a sale has been lost becauserepparttar 135617 customer wasn't confident enough to click onrepparttar 135618 sales link.

Onrepparttar 135619 other hand, John Smith has been really internet savvy. He has proudly used his own name to build up a business reputation, and as that reputation has grown, his mere name onrepparttar 135620 product has been worth thousands in actual advertising dollars that he didn't have to spend. Because a certain percentage of people already knew { because of targeted traffic drawn to his website } that John Smith is a good guy, and his name on a product is an endorsement they can trust.

Psssst... here's a secret. John Smith had $15.00 dollars in his bank account and was unemployed when he began his internet business. But instead of hiding behind some anonymous web page, John Smith maderepparttar 135621 wise decision that his name was an asset, and he was going to use it to his advantage. --- Afterall, he had nothing to lose.

What a great idea!

Never forget that there are millions of websites online competing with yours. And most market segments or niches are very competitive. Your name and your face is one ingredient that can separate your site fromrepparttar 135622 pack. An ingredient that is priceless, always recognizable, and costs you nothing!

We are social creatures andrepparttar 135623 internet can be horribly impersonal at times. A little face on your website may berepparttar 135624 difference between a customer purchasing a product from you with confidence, or from someone else a few domains uprepparttar 135625 internet road.

That's it! You thought you just wanted to be an anonymous owner of websites. Now you have a chance to be a famous internet personality.

If only you'll takerepparttar 135626 chance.

[ author's note: there is no actual individual named John Smith who has produced an e-book entitled "John Smith's Valuable Internet Marketing Essays." His identity was created forrepparttar 135627 purposes of illuminatingrepparttar 135628 particular lessons of this article ]

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Internet Cash Train

Written by Vic Damone

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To my considerable surprise there are indeed companies out here that can help people such as you or me! Not only will they supply me withrepparttar merchandise at wholesale cost, they even offer: a free domain name, tools to help withrepparttar 135599 mark-up challenge, tools to help me set-up my websiteóeven classifieds and much more! And why not, right? It wasrepparttar 135600 Internet, notrepparttar 135601 big chains, that saw double-digit growth on sales last year so why should you and I NOT jump onto this money-making miracle before itís too late! And honestly,repparttar 135602 clock is definitely ticking on this one becauserepparttar 135603 longer we wait,repparttar 135604 more competition we face! So donít allow fear to intimidate you away from taking advantage ofrepparttar 135605 miracle that isrepparttar 135606 Internet for another day because there ARE places out there that can help anyone build their own e-store without loads of cash or a degree in computer science but time is running out! Get on board today and start earning your share ofrepparttar 135607 spoils!

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