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Written by Rich Brunelle

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4.) If you have published an e-Book or other downloadable product, submitrepparttar URL data to Search Directories and e-Book Directories, and submitrepparttar 128235 e-book itself to Download sites.

5.) Participate in bLogs. Again, this is an invaluable web site promotion method. Providing . . . thatrepparttar 128236 writer includes a signature or resource box with their web site URL data included.

I know of a brand new site that was developed just to provide a linkage resource forrepparttar 128237 Internet, where you can do all of these things. Visit or today.

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Help Search Engines get Smarter, ROR your Website!

Written by Dom Vonarburg

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ROR information can also be displayed on your website in a generic fashion so visitors can quickly and easily find information, withoutrepparttar need to re-learn or rememberrepparttar 128234 structure and navigation of each website they visit. For that purpose, ROR provides an Info Button. The button readsrepparttar 128235 information directly from your ROR file.

ROR simply makes a lot of sense! It's powerful, easy, and very flexible. Not surprisingly, many ofrepparttar 128236 search engines AddMe contacted so far have already shown interest in reading ROR files.

ROR your Website, Spreadrepparttar 128237 Word
Get your ROR file or button at, it only takes a few minutes for a basic file. You can always add more information later.

Help search engines get smarter, ROR your website! Help spreadrepparttar 128238 word by adding this article on your site, or a link to it:

Happy RORing,

Founder, Add Me, Inc

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