Do You Want To Lose Weight Without Going Crazy?

Written by T. O' Donnell

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Don't walk when you can run, don't run where you could cycle, leaverepparttar car inrepparttar 137748 garage. Do more household choresrepparttar 137749 hard way. Takerepparttar 137750 stairs instead ofrepparttar 137751 lift.

If your work or chores involve exercise it's easy to get your subconscious to go along with it. It seems less of a trial, and you're killing two birds with one stone.

Exercise for it's own sake is hard; part of us can see no immediate gain to doing it, and puts up mental and emotional barriers.

Clean your house, jog torepparttar 137752 shops, digrepparttar 137753 garden, explore your locale on foot.

Exercise at home. Do push ups, pull ups, sit-ups, use a couple of chairs as dumb-bells. It's a bother and an expense to go to a gym; set up your own routine at home, and stick to it five days out of every seven.

5. Do not take special medications or diet foods if you can help it.

Diet medications are usually amphetamine or stimulant-based; they perk you up, so you don't feel depressed or hungry. Soldiers use amphetamines in war; they keep you keen, and you don't feel hungry. The trouble is you become physically addicted to them, instead of food, and you're worse off inrepparttar 137754 end. They rot your body and your mind, and you have exchanged one fixation for another, more urgent one.

Eating food supplements will take offrepparttar 137755 pounds; you'll lose a few pounds to begin with in ANY diet anyway. However, what will happen when you stop eating this expensive food substitute? Unless your will power is engaged, you'll revert to your old habits.

Losing weight involves an act of WILL. If you'rerepparttar 137756 sort of person who diets for a bit and then 'rewards' yourself with a cream cake, WHO are you trying to fool? Your subconscious, your friends? You won't foolrepparttar 137757 bathroom scales, or that dress you're trying to get into.

Perhaps part of you would like to be slim, especially on public occasions. The other, deeper, part wants to gorge itself on WHATever it likes, WHENever it likes. Eating is lovely, isn't it? It may be your one consolation in an otherwise miserable life.

To fix your weight, fixrepparttar 137758 other problems in your life, then staying offrepparttar 137759 snacks will be much easier.

This involves finding out what vocation you have in life. What do you REALLY want to do? If it's nothing, then that's fine. Once you acknowledge this, you'll find your peace of mind improves, and your craving for food will be less.

Otherwise find some activity you can devote yourself to, that engages your whole being.

Eating is often a recreation; find a nobler one.

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The Fitness Benefits of Swimming

Written by Rebecca Blain

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When swimming laps, either over shallow or deep water, make certain that you are notrepparttar only one inrepparttar 137747 swimming pool, or nearrepparttar 137748 pool. Cramps, muscle strains, and other injuries can happen to anyone, evenrepparttar 137749 professional swimmer. While this is unlikely, it is not a risk you should take.

The second type of exercises are most commonly used with synchronized swimming. By swimming in a variety of repeated patterns in shallow or deep water, you can work all ofrepparttar 137750 muscles ofrepparttar 137751 body withoutrepparttar 137752 strain associated with lap swimming. This isrepparttar 137753 style of swimming exercises most commonly used by someone with a spinal injury or other disabling injuries. This style of swimming should always be done with an instructor who can guide you throughrepparttar 137754 basics and ensure that you do not cause yourself any injury.

When you become a more expert swimmer, there are a range of games and other activities that help tone muscles and encourage good health. Including a variety of games like Shark and Minnows, Water polo and water based Volleyball, you can make use of your exercises in such a way where you can participate in sports or leisure games.

There are a wide variety of swimming pools that you can use in order to improve your health. The most commonly used are standard Olympic sized pools. These can be found in many gyms and training centers, and tend to have trainers available for those who require one. Prices for trainers are based onrepparttar 137755 gym you go to. Some trainers are included inrepparttar 137756 price of membership.

For those who do not want to go torepparttar 137757 gym or local training centers, home pools are more than acceptable for use, as long as you have supervision when you are working on your exercises. Above ground or in ground pools can both be used for basic swimming sizes. If you want to work on laps, you will want either a lap pool, or make use of an Olympic sized pool near you.

As a rule, there are a variety of things that you can do to protect yourself when you are swimming. First, never go intorepparttar 137758 pool alone. Accidents can happen to anyone, and this isrepparttar 137759 best protection you can have against drowning. Second, you should never attempt exercises alone without being instructed by a trainer on how to safely dorepparttar 137760 strokes. This is especially true for those recovering from an injury. Third, make certainrepparttar 137761 chemical content of your pool is within acceptable parameters. This is usually not an issue at training centers and gyms, but advised for home swimming pools.

When you begin a progressive swimming exercise program, expect to see slower improvement than from other, more intensive, programs. However, as this is perhaps one ofrepparttar 137762 easiest and enjoyable ways to get into shape and stay into shape, everyone can benefit with a little work.

Rebecca Blain is a professional and hobbyist writer who enjoys taking care of her fish and educating people about above ground swimming pools at

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