Do You Trust Your Mentor(s)?

Written by by Rasheed Ali

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As with everything in our world Trust has two sides and both serve their purpose.

So how do you trust people? You just DO. It's all about your attitude and changing it to get what you want.

If you want to trust people, give it first or you'll be considered untrustworthy.

Everyone gets burned more than once in life but,repparttar ones that succeed are those that get burned, learn and keep trustingrepparttar 146050 right people.

As for trusting mentors, do I need to giverepparttar 146051 definition again???

If they've reached a level of personal development and you want be there, then you should seek them out to teach you how to get there with ruthless efficiency.

Mentors serve three major purposes as a resource.

Intellectual Resource Spiritual Resource Financial Resource After you've gotten over yourself or distrust, you decide what who you want and go get a mentor.

If you still don't trust people, then here's what you do...

Walk over to a mirror and take a long hard look. Then say torepparttar 146052 person inrepparttar 146053 mirror, "Hey I hope you're happy because you and I are going to be where we are right now, for quite a while." ;-P

With learning to trust achieved however, you will break through obstacles and become more powerful every day.

"Self trust isrepparttar 146054 first secret of success." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

*** Rasheed Ali was once a homeless runaway on the streets of NY and is now changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Rasheed publishes the Conquer Adversity Newsletter available at and is co-counder of ***

The 80/20 Success Secret

Written by Rasheed Ali

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There I met a 17 year old guy who would become a big brother to me for a short while. His name was Tony. He as it turned out was in New York because he was running from some very dangerous people in Florida who killed his friend. Tony was a “metal-head,” head-banger type but was a good natured person and took a liking to me. He protected me fromrepparttar other kids who were in gangs and were too rough and dangerous for me to handle atrepparttar 146049 time. He taught me how to fight, how to think onrepparttar 146050 streets, andrepparttar 146051 same thing my Grandpa taught me.

No, I won’t tell yet.

That wasn’trepparttar 146052 end of my street life but, that’s where we’ll fast forward into my twenties.

My mind had been made up since I was a child that deep down I really wanted my own business. So I went out and did what any normal kid would do. Go to college right!

Well after a few semesters, I realized that I was really in for long frustrating hours of studying things that I did not want to know. So while still in school and working full time, I started to self educate myself with self improvement books and business books.

Needless to say, I got hooked! Paycheck after paycheck I would buy and read these books, online and offline. Wow I really knew my stuff I would think. Then I would look at successful businesses and say, “Wow I still have a lot of learning to do.”

So I started out on my quest to conquerrepparttar 146053 internet. Or so I thought.

Again, I purchased and read many e-books, reports, software and services and began to build a small income online.

Thousands of dollars and some successful clients later, I had very little to show for it other than all ofrepparttar 146054 money I made others andrepparttar 146055 vast library of knowledge in my head. (I do have a pretty big head -- ;-D )

Then one day through world famous internet marketer Jo Han Mok, I met Mike Litman, then Dave Lakhani & Steve Watts. Mike and Dave showed me what I was doing wrong, what I needed to know and how to apply it. Most importantly they showed me what they had learned so that I didn’t have to makerepparttar 146056 same mistakes.

If you fast forward to today you will see that I’m now helping changerepparttar 146057 lives of thousands of people aroundrepparttar 146058 world through my newsletter and coaching system and I’m well on my way to creating millions in revenue!

So what’srepparttar 146059 80/20 Success Secret?

It is….

Finding Mentors or Coaches and learning everything you can from them.

Instead of investing tons of money in books and programs, invest in a mentor and you WILL getrepparttar 146060 most results!

Remember very few actions generaterepparttar 146061 most results. Instead of taking 1,000 steps and many years to achieve your desired results, you’re only taking one step and very little time to get your results this way. You’re paying them to learn from their mistakes and successes.

No book or program can offer you that!

So when you’re ready to leap towards success and break through your obstacles, seek out your mentor(s) and be ready for anything!

*** Rasheed Ali was once a homeless runaway on the streets of NY and is now changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Rasheed publishes the Conquer Adversity Newsletter available at and is co-counder of ***

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