Do You Think You Have Depression?

Written by David Smith

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When we are suffering from depression, it seems that we lose our objectivity. Does thinking that we have nothing to look forward to sound rational to you? Where did my enjoyment in life disappear to? It was my perception ofrepparttar world that had slowly changed and I was unable to see it because ofrepparttar 126079 control that my depression had over me.

Inrepparttar 126080 fast pace of today's world we often don't allow ourselves time to evaluate our lives and set goals to realize our ambitions. Whether you do or do not have depression, you're reading this article because you think something might be wrong with your life. Have you tried to identifyrepparttar 126081 things you are unhappy with? The first step for me was to educate myself and find out what it was that I was dealing with. I started reading books. I consulted a psychologist to get some unbiased insight about myself.

Otherwise, how do we find solutions for problems that we don't yet understand? So let's get started. What's stopping you?


David Smith is the writer for My Depression Help, a resource site where he describes his feelings and experiences with depression and provides the depression help solutions he used for his recovery.

Link Romantic Feelings To The Sight Of Your Face

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

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In a similar way, if you touch someone in a specific way when they are feeling sad, for example, you squeeze their shoulder or put an arm around them at a funeral, touching them later inrepparttar same way will reawaken those feelings of sadness. So be careful about what sorts of emotions you are associating to your touch, words or face.

How does this apply to gifts?

A gift is by its nature an anchor. Every timerepparttar 126078 recipient looks atrepparttar 126079 gift, they will rememberrepparttar 126080 occasion when they received it, especially if they experienced strong emotions atrepparttar 126081 time.

So you can help guarantee that your gift will be a strong ongoing anchor if you make sure that you create a truly memorable experience Ė such as an extremely romantic evening - when you presentrepparttar 126082 gift.

A woman will always remember following a trail of rose petals in her loverís apartment to findrepparttar 126083 necklace he purchased for her birthday.

A man will always remember being presented with his own personal star by a lover dressed only in a star-patterned bra and g-string. Itís also important to considerrepparttar 126084 opposite effect.

Never give a gift by way of apology. You donít want to create negative anchors by giving gifts after an argument.

If you give your wife a diamond ring to apologize forrepparttar 126085 fact that she caught you cheating with your secretary,repparttar 126086 ring will always remind her of your infidelity.

If you give your husband a new watch to apologize for crashing his BMW, heíll remember your transgression every time he checksrepparttar 126087 time.

Even if those memories don't make it to conscious awareness, they're lurking just underrepparttar 126088 surface. It makes better sense to allow them to fade away, instead of attaching them to physical objects like gifts. Keep things simple. A genuine apology is all thatís required after an argument. Save gifts for positive occasions.

© Marguerite Bonneville Marguerite Bonneville is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) whose passion is publishing information online. She is a contributing writer at, a resource site dedicated to helping visitors find the perfect romantic gift.

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