Do You Submit Articles to Ezines?

Written by Nucha Aquino

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~~ Send it torepparttar right place ~~

Be sure you send your article torepparttar 129367 right address, withrepparttar 129368 right subject line. Most people filter their email. If your article does not make its way torepparttar 129369 "articles to read" (or whatever) folder,repparttar 129370 possibility is that it will never be read at all.

The other not-so-important-but-nice-to-do thing is formatting. I take me more time to read and publish an unformatted article. It might not get published by a publisher who is busier than I am.

~~ Format your article ~~

To be safe, do it 55 characters per line (pressrepparttar 129371 ENTER button atrepparttar 129372 end of every line). I do not know any publisher who publishes less than 55 chars/line. It is a good idea to put summary ofrepparttar 129373 article together with word/line counts with your submission as well.

Each publisher has his/her rule aboutrepparttar 129374 format. You have to follw it. Make it easy to read. Put more white spaces. And use common language. The article should not be too long or too short. I think 500 words is a nice length.

Last but not least...

How would you feel when you receive this message "Hey... you... need some money? here's my article" Well, I can use some money, but I just hate you for saying so. I normally reply to these people withrepparttar 129375 information of how to order a solo ad in my ezine.

~~ Make offer with respect ~~

If you are offering a profit sharing program, or any kind of partnership to a publisher, do it with respect. Use terms like "please consider...", "if you would like to...", or such. Make publishers feel you are proposing a win-win partnership. Do not write as if you were giving them a favor because you actually are not! Do you need your article published, byrepparttar 129376 way?

Consider these. Send your article again. This time be more thougthful. Nowrepparttar 129377 rest is up torepparttar 129378 content of your works.

Good Luck, and Have Fun Writing

Nucha Aquino is a Work-At-Home-Mom who loves to travel. She currently teaches International Business and Management in a Graduate School in Laguna, Philippines. When the baby is asleep and there is no class, she writes about her International and Business experiences in her 2 ezines: Small-World Ezine at , and eLaguna's eBiz Tips at

Tips for Good Business Writing

Written by June Campbell

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It is jarring to a reader to encounter tense changes suchrepparttar ones in this paragraph:

"We started our business in 1995. We sold and serviced vacuum cleaners. My brother and I do everything ourselves."

The sentence would be better if written like this:

"We started our business in 1995. We sold and serviced vacuum cleaners. My brother and I did everything ourselves."

Use Consistent Spellings and Punctuation

Certain words or terms can be written correctly in more than one way. For example, "ecommerce" and "e-commerce" are both correct. The key is to pick one spelling and use it consistently throughoutrepparttar 129365 document.

Similarly, Jane Doe, MD and Jane Doe, M.D. are both correct. Again, you want to pick one usage and use it consistently.

If you're using numbers, decide whether to userepparttar 129366 number signs or to spell outrepparttar 129367 word. It's a common practice to spell out numbers under ten and to use numerical signs for numbers over ten. i.e. We have eight employees." Or "We have 28 employees."

Limitrepparttar 129368 use of Adverbs and Adjectives

Business writing is improved when adverbs and adjectives are removed or used sparingly.

For example, "Our new facility is very, very spacious" is better written as, "Our new facility is spacious."

"Our spacious, new facility really meets our needs," is better written as, "Our spacious facility meets our needs."

And, most importantly of all:

Strive for Clarity

Be clear about your message. Identifyrepparttar 129369 main point you want to make forrepparttar 129370 entire document, then condense that point into one sentence. You might use that one sentence, or you might not. But you MUST decide what it is. If you have not formulated this one point in your own mind, your writing will not portray repparttar 129371 most important thing you want to communicate.

For example, what isrepparttar 129372 one main message I want to communicate with this article? It is sentence #1.

"You can contribute significantly to your business' success by developing your writing skills."

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