Do You Say What You Mean?

Written by John Sheridan

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I find it fascinating that in all walks of life people use languagerepparttar same way. They rarely say exactly what they mean clearly and concisely. This is everyone's fault including my own because I'm occasionally as guilty asrepparttar 150529 next person for not saying what I mean, but we let it happen firstly because we know and understand what people are saying when they speak to us; secondly because we've got lazy.

Language has always been constantly changing and developing because that's what language does; so who knows what extra fun you will be able to have with it in say five or ten years. Inrepparttar 150530 meantime, try and bear one thing in mind -repparttar 150531 next time you order a taxi, ask aboutrepparttar 150532 availability of one - and not its external measurements.

I am a proofreader of hard copy items and website copy. I also write web copy.

GPS Cell Phones

Written by Anne King

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Many carriers already have GPS cell phones available. You can buyrepparttar basic model for emergency tracking or you can pay forrepparttar 150336 technology that turnsrepparttar 150337 cell phone into a sophisticated mapping, PDA system. Problems are still an issue withrepparttar 150338 advanced features. The more you userepparttar 150339 advanced features,repparttar 150340 greaterrepparttar 150341 drain onrepparttar 150342 battery. Increasing battery size also increasesrepparttar 150343 cell phone size and that is a problem for most consumers who want ever smaller, lighter devices to carry around. At this time Japan seems to haverepparttar 150344 edge on developingrepparttar 150345 high-end miniature GPS cell phone.

Sacrificing privacy for safety isrepparttar 150346 issue and I suspect that it would only take one positive outcome in an emergency situation to makerepparttar 150347 decision for you.

Asrepparttar 150348 systems become more and more refined camera and PDA capabilities are being included intorepparttar 150349 phone itself. Developments in GPS cell phone technology are continuing. If programmers can solverepparttar 150350 issues of privacy thenrepparttar 150351 potential for GPS cell phones is incredible. It will no longer be an issue of "Can you hear me now?" Ratherrepparttar 150352 question will be, "Can you find me now?"

Anne King is a sports and recreation writer in Boise, Idaho. For more information on GPS cell phones, visit Maps GPS which also provides practical information on GPS and maps that everyone can use. The website includes product reviews and a maps/GPS glossary.

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