Do You Really Own Your Web Business?

Written by Randy Brooks

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Trademark your name.

Make sure that you followrepparttar proper procedures and acquirerepparttar 117843 name and copyright of your web business.

Once you ownrepparttar 117844 rights, you can have them on file and this will save you time and trouble if someone happens to try and say they hadrepparttar 117845 name first.

Also if you go to get a Trademark for your business or product name you can do a search and find out ifrepparttar 117846 name has already been taken.

This is somewhat like doing a domain name search before you can register your URL name. However as you may know, domains in themselves really have no legal rights at all. A domain is just an address... it's when you have a trade marked name within a domain name that gives you rights.

Remember that you have worked hard to build a profitable business onrepparttar 117847 Internet and you should protect it at all levels.

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Why You Hate to Sell

Written by edward thorpe

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*Your Two Steps to Becoming a Sales SuperStar*

1) Take YOU out ofrepparttar selling process.

Ask questions and let THEM tell you why they need your product/service. In other words. Qualify, qualify. Then re-qualify. If your suspect does not qualify, great, they're not a prospect.

Wonderful. Move on torepparttar 117842 next suspect. Teach yourself to ask questions that will make your suspect qualify themselves quickly. Sort - Don't Sell. Sort - Don't sell.

IF you'll let them, they'll sell themselves. Of course it's easier for you to talk, talk, talk.

If everyone says you're a good salesperson because you're such a good talker...Baby you're in Big Trouble.

2) Fall in Love. Yeah, I'm serious as a letter bomb. Fall in love with -- YOURSELF!

You will never receive all that *you deserve* until you fall in love with - YOU. But be prepared. You have years of brainwashing to trash out. But you can do it. If I can, anyone on God's sweet planet can too.

If you're a subscriber to my Free Newsletter *The Home Grown Biz Advocate* You get a free book that will teach you a simple method -- to fall in Love with Yourself.

Note that I didn't say easy. I said simple. And I'm available for a little coaching. If that's what it takes.

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