"Do You Really Need Testimonials at Your Site?"

Written by Jim Daniels

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The site where I experienced an overnight increase in conversion rate can be viewed at ezWebBusinessBuilder - notice how I workedrepparttar testimonials intorepparttar 143010 copy. They not only help answer potential customers' questions, they flow withrepparttar 143011 copy as well.

And yes, even I was surprised at how effective they were. I've never been a big fan of blending testimonials into copy, but that little experiment convinced me that I was stubborn about that for far too long.

If you are not using plenty of testimonials at your site already, I suggest you start. If you don't have any, just drop your customers a line and ask them what they thought of X product or Y service. If you've been in business any length of time you surely have some happy customers who would be willing to write letters.

And if you're brand new to business, fear not. You WILL get testimonials. I suggest you use a follow-up autoresponder to contact customers a month or so after they make any purchase from you. You don't need a long questionnaire, just a simple, "what did you think" message will suffice. You'd be surprised at how much a customer will tell you when you leave it up to their own imagination.

Here are five tips on using "customer comments" at your website...

1. Make sure testimonials at your site are specific and not generic in nature. Generic testimonials are not as believable as detailed comments. So ask your customers to elaborate on their comments if possible.

2. Be sure to get permission from your customers to userepparttar 143012 testimonials.

3. Includerepparttar 143013 customer's full name and geographic location. A good sprinkling of customers acrossrepparttar 143014 globe shows that your product/service works everywhere.

4. Use customer comments throughout your websites and newsletters. Set up a whole page of letters like I have here - and then take your very best one or two testimonials and put them on your most prominent pages.

5. Considerrepparttar 143015 top three or four reasons your potential customers may be hesitant to order. Then post customer comments that address those issues.

OK, let's wrap today's tip up with a quick summary...

The web is still likerepparttar 143016 wild American west 100 years ago -- full of snake oil salesmen. If you want to establish your web business and earn steady, reliable income, you need to earnrepparttar 143017 trust of your potential customers.

Letting potential clients read comments from your best customers is stillrepparttar 143018 best way to do that. So do it, and do it over and over. You may be surprised atrepparttar 143019 results.

To your online marketing success, Jim Daniels - JDD Publishing Creator of http://www.ezwebbusinessbuilder.com/cmd.php?af=275493 the world's first View it and Do It software for profiting from the web.

How to Promote your Web Site by Writing Articles

Written by winson

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at all. However, this does not mean you should write an article just for sake of having it published somewhere. If your

article comes off as half-baked, readers may make a similar assumption about you and your business practices.

10) Submit your article to as many e-zines as feasible.

There are dozens of e-zines onrepparttar web that welcome submissions from independent authors. Ideally, you'd want your article to

be exposed on as many of them as you can. But it takes time to register and submit to each one of them. Therefore, I

recommend that you submit to only a handful ofrepparttar 142924 more popular ones.

Below is a list of e-zines along with their Google PageRanks (PR). The higherrepparttar 142925 PR of an e-zine,repparttar 142926 greater its online


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