Do You Really Need A Website To Succeed

Written by bb lee

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Well, you need a website!

Thanks to modern technology,repparttar rapid advancement of repparttar 117204 Internet, computers, and peripheral equipment,repparttar 117205 Internet offers individuals an avenue to inexpensively market, promote, or sell a product, service, or business. People acrossrepparttar 117206 planet will have immediate twenty-four hour access to your website.

In fact, anyone with an Internet connection and a few basic computer skills can easily build a website for free or very inexpensively.

So, what are you waiting for?

Having a website is a convenient and cost effective way to market your business and reach a larger consumer base. Once it was thought having a business onrepparttar 117207 Internet was out of reach forrepparttar 117208 average person. That is certainly no longer true! Make it your goal to build a website here and now!

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A Recipe For Software (No Programming Required): Part 1

Written by Dave Brown

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So as you can see, hiring a programmer is not a major expense. At least not for simple software. Complex software can cost you thousands. But if you're not experienced at doing this, then I *strongly* recommend you start with a simple software idea. I often find that automating tedious tasks can be done with fairly simple software.

Why do these people work so cheap? The quality ofrepparttar work certainly isn't cheap. I think there are three major factors.

1. Real programmers just enjoy programming. If they can actually get paid for doing what they love, then they're happy. And more often than not, they aren't business people.

2. Many ofrepparttar 117203 freelance workers on these sites live in countries with a low cost of living. You'll see a lot of people from India and Romania, for example. In these cases, a good wage to them may be trivial to you (unless you also live in one of those countries).

3. Competition. When you post a project on one of these sites, you get a *lot* of people looking at it. So they're competing with one another for your money.

One more point before I wrap this up. You can get work done *fast* when you hire someone through these freelance sites too. Withrepparttar 117204 example above, I had a first draft to look at in less than 24 hours. And I believe I had a fully functional version within a week.

If you didn't feel you were in a position to create software, then I hope I've changed your mind.

It's not difficult to find a good programmer. And it can be very affordable to pay them.

Some freelance sites: (my 1st choice) (mostly scripts) (more expensive, but more variety) (lots of variety)

Dave Brown is a self-taught marketer and software developer. He also publishes the uncommon and uniquely original newsletter on making the most of your life - A Fresh Perspective. You can learn more at

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