Do You Microbifer in Your Cleaning Business?

Written by Gail Metcalf

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The microfibers can hold a lot of water without dripping thus leavingrepparttar floor cleaner with less standing water. The floor dries much faster, reducingrepparttar 150591 chance of slipping and sliding. In fact I used a very dry mop head when mopping repparttar 150592 wood floor and could seerepparttar 150593 water evaporating as I mopped.

These microfiber mop pads are very durable and are estimated to last ten timesrepparttar 150594 normal life span of cotton loop mops used in professional cleaning.

So with all these benefits, are there any areas of concern? There are a few: initial investment, cost versus quality, not appropriate for mopping up spills or floods, cannot remove or spread wax, cannot be washed with lint producing items, cannot be laundered in industrial washers and some brands are not recommended forrepparttar 150595 dryer.

If you're managing teams or a high number of employees,repparttar 150596 initial investment can be double or even triplerepparttar 150597 cost of cotton loop and string mops. And you won't be able to launder these with your terry towels or use a commercial laundry service.

To determine if you should convert your business to microfiber, you'll definitely need a cost benefit analysis to seerepparttar 150598 cost tradeoffs. If your Workers Comp costs are running high, is it due to scrubbing or mopping? Microfiber mops could possibly reducerepparttar 150599 costs related to mopping injuries.

You might also want to considerrepparttar 150600 use of microfiber as a partial or total replacement for terry towels. Or even just using microfiber for cleaning glass and mirrors. They have repparttar 150601 ability to clean and shine without using chemicals. This could possibly also reduce your product cost.

You can purchase microfiber towels onrepparttar 150602 Internet and also at your local depot and automotive stores inrepparttar 150603 automotive section. But be aware that all microfiber towels are not equal. There are companies that make only one kind and other companies that have a specific microfiber towel for different tasks.

I would definitely recommend more research into quality and cost before investing in microfiber.

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Mapping Software: Putting Data Visualization on the Map

Written by Joe Miller

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Mapping software interacts with HTML in order to provide interactive information torepparttar broadest number of businesses and consumers. Using HTML enablesrepparttar 150552 entire World Wide Web to receive and convey interactive information.


JSP technology uses java for web page content, and when teamed together with mapping software, each web page comes alive. Interactive data is able to work with any server, fromrepparttar 150553 WWW torepparttar 150554 remotest consumer.


PHP technology is server-side coding which interfaces with HTML. ASP, Perl, and Cold Fusion technology interact similarly with HTML, which means they work similarly with mapping software to create dynamic pages.


Even WWW networks using TCP/IP network protocols using .net technology can interface with mapping software to bring .net charts, .net graphs, and .net maps to life both withinrepparttar 150555 business and among clientele.


The concern of businesses using any of these networking or programming technologies is based on long experience of not being able to convert HTML, Java, JSP, ASP, Perl, Cod Fusion, .Net, PHP, or any other type of interactive information into a printable copy. Mapping software provides a solution by allowing any of these technologies to convert to PDF.

Mapping software has benefited companies as diverse as airlines and chambers of commerce and people as different as a 6th grader and a CEO. The diversity of mapping software lies in its interfacing with common business and educational technologies.

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on business software. Find out how your business can use Mapping Software at

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