Do You Make These Link Building Mistakes ?

Written by Neil Stelling

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* On-Page Factors

Finally, not all search engines treat Links withrepparttar same importance as Google. Yahoo, MSN, Inktomi make much more use of on-page factors. And guess what ? You control on- page factors, so there's no excuse for getting this wrong. Be sure to get your keyphrase into title, description, headings and body text. Don't overdo it and try to spamrepparttar 119365 search engines with excessive use of keyphrases, but be sure they know what your page is about.

Withrepparttar 119366 right link building strategy, your search engine rankings will soar, and you'll start getting all those visitors that will electrify your web business.

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How To Find Your Links In Google

Written by Jim Hoffman

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In addition, play around with these search tools. Includerepparttar www in your search and try it withoutrepparttar 119364 www as well.

These search tools also work great in other search engines. Like Yahoo, Altavista, Alltheweb and others. Keep in mind that each search engine has different particulars and some will give better or worse results.

You can also try to use this with domains that get top ranking for your search terms. If you do a link search on those sites, you can try and trade links or get a backlink from your competitors links. This will help you rank higher, sincerepparttar 119365 links all wind up going torepparttar 119366 same place.

Remember, search engine ranking is an ongoing effort and once you can obtain good ranking, it will increase your visits, targeted sales and your sites exposure. All Free.

If you want any help with these, drop me an email at

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