Do You Make Less Money Than Your Taller Peers?

Written by C.S. Deam

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The house sold in a matter of days.

Perceived value can play a huge role in economics. And apparently, according to this study, there’s a perceived value thatrepparttar shorter a person is,repparttar 132470 less they can be paid.

How do we change that perception?

Let’s get thousands of people who consider themselves short in stature and under salaried, and let’s raise their pricetag – just likerepparttar 132471 homeowner raised their asking price.

Teach these individuals how to create wealth rather than have jobs. Show them how to make hundreds of thousands of dollar per month. Then showcase them as power-brokers. An elite group of people with a common characteristic of shorter stature and greater wealth can leave an indelible mark onrepparttar 132472 psyches ofrepparttar 132473 world’s population that shorter people are worth paying more money than taller individuals.

We may believerepparttar 132474 words inrepparttar 132475 Declaration of Independence ofrepparttar 132476 United States that all people are created equal, but we end up seeing that people are treated unequal. Instead of waiting for someone else to change societies impressions of us, that responsibility falls into our own hands.

We may be created equal – but within our power – within our individual realms of influence - we have incredible opportunities to become unequal. We haverepparttar 132477 power to choose whether we’re treated unequal in ways we dislike, or treated unequal in ways we like.

So now that we’re working toward being treated unequally in ways we like, we’d better start making plans for using those hundreds of thousands of dollars. Right?

How about bankrollingrepparttar 132478 next grant for another round of research that will showrepparttar 132479 next wave of trends in pay as related to height - that shorter people started earning more than their taller counterparts beginning in 2003?

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Flights Of Fancy

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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Santos-Dumont didn't give a rip about patents. Instead of spending his time and money on protecting his designs, he freely offered his ideas to anyone interested in copying and improving them. He engaged inrepparttar shareware idea: take this, go forth and prosper. We've seen this approach in software (Linux) and hybrid-electric cars (Hunter and Amory Lovins), and though it rarely leads to great wealth forrepparttar 132468 creators, it dramatically facilitates access and ingenuity.

After years of flying high, Santos-Dumont suffered from ill health and committed suicide in 1932. I guess neither engineering talent nor courageous individualism guarantees a happy ending. The Wrights ran out of passion, and Santos-Dumont lost his mojo. In their own ways, they simply burned out.

It's interesting to think about how we need bothrepparttar 132469 plodding perseverance ofrepparttar 132470 Wrights andrepparttar 132471 free-thinking generosity of Santos-Dumont in every project we undertake. The greatest invention inrepparttar 132472 world will never capturerepparttar 132473 excitement ofrepparttar 132474 population without those who are fearless in their attempts to apply it. Those who createrepparttar 132475 buzz are admittedly standing onrepparttar 132476 shoulders of those who quietly developedrepparttar 132477 technology, but we must have both to bring outrepparttar 132478 eagerness ofrepparttar 132479 early adopters andrepparttar 132480 cultural change that hinges uponrepparttar 132481 mainstream acceptance of any new idea.

Bill Gates, that geek extraordinaire, has said: "The Wright brothers createdrepparttar 132482 single greatest cultural force sincerepparttar 132483 invention of writing. The airplane becamerepparttar 132484 first world wide web, bringing people of different languages, ideas and values together."

The next time you're slogging through security, struggling to put your bag inrepparttar 132485 overhead compartment, or grousing aboutrepparttar 132486 leg room, pause a moment to reflect onrepparttar 132487 enormity of human flight. Recognize it forrepparttar 132488 magnificent achievement that it is, and pay tribute to those who lived and died for its creation. Appreciaterepparttar 132489 risk taking required inrepparttar 132490 last century to get you that window seat.

Please remain seated untilrepparttar 132491 aircraft comes to a complete stop, and whisper words of gratitude torepparttar 132492 Wright brothers for their determination in discovering what it takes to make a safe landing.

You may now move freely aboutrepparttar 132493 cabin. Please refrain from complaining.

Thank you for flying for us, Wilbur and Orville.

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse. Her work has inspired thinkers in over 70 countries around the world. Her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massage, serves up a satisfying blend of clarity, comfort and comic relief. To subscribe, visit

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