Do You Know Your ABC'S?

Written by John Colanzi

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What is checkmate?

Closingrepparttar sale.

Every newsletter you send out should show a profit.

Every email course you offer on your site should haverepparttar 127312 potential for making a sale.

Every free ebook should have a link you can profit from.

Every single move you make, must be geared towards making a sale.

Closingrepparttar 127313 sale should be as natural as breathing.

It took me a long time to learn that.

If you're serious about your business, learnrepparttar 127314 ABC Formula.

Always Be Closing!

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"Activate Buying Frenzies With Your Sale Letters Using 4 Types Of Sales Metaphors"

Written by Mike Jezek

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Or... "Our software isrepparttar Cadillac of accounting software in this industry, compared to that of our competitors." Familiarity Metaphors. -- Here's a metaphor to further build a feeling of security and trust in your prospects. Simply match experiences or items that your prospects are sure to be familiar with to your sales presentation.

Example: "Many people first started out with this same software you've been using, but... "

Or... "I'm sure you're familiar withrepparttar 127311 Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Well our accounting firm does his tax work." "Many of your fellow graduates from Texas A&M are signing up today!" Of course there are other types of metaphors we can discuss here, but there's only room for so many in this article. Using metaphors will immediately put life into your sales materials, and open uprepparttar 127312 potential for not only higher response but higher profits. Try them, you may be blown away byrepparttar 127313 results!

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