Do You Know What Your Customers Think About You?

Written by Andrew Lanciani

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If you have an opt-in email list of your customers or subscribers, then you are sitting on a goldmine. With such a list, you can efficiently survey your customers, providing you with valuable feedback andrepparttar potential for making more money.

To survey via email, simply includerepparttar 131856 surveys in an email to your list. Your response rates will be higher if your list is fresh and you have interacted frequently withrepparttar 131857 list members.

2.Place a pop-up survey on your site.

If you are interested inrepparttar 131858 opinions of customers and prospects visiting your site, you can utilize pop-up surveys to intercept people with a survey as they enter or leave specific pages on your site.

If you use pop-up surveys, it is usually better to intercept visitors once they leave a particular page, as opposed to when they first enter a page. This method allows a visitor to viewrepparttar 131859 page of interest first before being interrupted. In addition, you should activaterepparttar 131860 window once per unique visitor. This will ensure that your customers are not annoyed by having to deal with more than one survey invitation.

Pop-up surveys yield relatively high response rates. Depending onrepparttar 131861 demographics of your visitors and content on your site, pop-up surveys typically yield response rates between 10 and 40%.

3.Place a survey link or button on your site.

This option is less intrusive than pop-up surveys and will likely yield much lower response rates. If you use this method, place your link prominently on your site where people will see it.

In conclusion, surveys are a powerful means of gathering valuable information from your customers. You may be surprised to learn how many will tell you what they really think about you. Ask some questions and find out what your customers truly want. The information you gain could be exactly what you need to take your offering torepparttar 131862 next level.

Andrew Lanciani, an experienced marketing researcher, is president of Insiteful Surveys, an online survey company that enables individuals and businesses to quickly, easily, and inexpensively create their own online surveys, and collect valuable data. To open a free account, visit

Top Ten Ways to Bring Repeat Visitors Back to your Web Site

Written by Judy Cullins

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Without a chance to interact with you people lose interest. Allow your visitors to post a message or reply to other messages. They will check back every few days for new messages or replies. To find these services, do a search on "free webmaster resources." Two specific ones: and Check out this discussion group

6. Remind your visitors to bookmark your site. Tell them you update information daily or weekly. Put reminders on all of your pages. If you omit this, you pass up a great opportunity to lure repeat, loyal visitors. You want more visitors, and you want them to spend more time on your site. The more time they spend on your site,repparttar more likely they will check out your products or services pages

7. Serialize some of your content. If visitors get it all in one visit, what's to keep them coming back? Put one part of an article, home study course, special report, or excerpt from your book on your site each week or so. Let people know this through your eMagazine.

8. Post a monthly special only for your Web visitors. Call it "Discount ofrepparttar 131854 month," or "Special Offers." Without incentives your audience will go elsewhere. Feature this opportunity in your ezine and provide a live link straight to it.

9. Enjoyrepparttar 131855 journey. Each day, you can learn something that will make your Web site more real, more YOU. Avoid being stiff-let your passion show! Add some personal information such asrepparttar 131856 personal column. 'The Coach's Corner' inrepparttar 131857 ezine, "The Book Coach Says," mentions personal writing and marketing set backs, boo boos, along with a tip or so. Put a personal message on your site too.

10. Put "useful links" as a navigational bar on your home page. People likerepparttar 131858 convenience of shopping for services and products all on one Web site-yours!

Maintenance is not as sexy as creating a new site, but it is your responsibility to make your site jazzy enough to keep people coming back. If you are not inspired or don't want to spendrepparttar 131859 time on your site, but still want to maintain it, delegate it to a professional or techie intern.

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach Helps professionals manifest their book dreams eBook:_Write Your eBook or Other Short Book Fast! Send an email to The Book Coach Says... includes 2 free eReports

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