Do You Have a Dream?

Written by Gary E. Layton

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So, how does one become wealthy in todayís economic environment? Well you can stop what you are doing for a living, go back to school and become a Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer and in five or ten years achieve some type of personal wealth. Not practical you say? Well, you are correct in that my friend. What you need to do then is invent or develop some fantastic product or service which everyone needs, build it yourself or find a manufacturer, sellrepparttar product or service and make your millions. Not practical you say? Well again your are correct.

I can go on and on like this forever andrepparttar 117622 answers would be repparttar 117623 same. Not practical. So what can we do to fulfillrepparttar 117624 Dream of wealth? If you watch television I am sure you have seen those paid commercials involving this or that system developed by individuals designed to become wealthy through real estate investments andrepparttar 117625 like. Hey, they are great and are just fine for those of us who can raiserepparttar 117626 necessary money to workrepparttar 117627 system. They are not for everyone that is for sure. What we need to find is a money generating system we can afford and work on inrepparttar 117628 hours available to us without quitting our job or ignoring our families.

The Internet is perfect for us in this regard. Almost everyone can get and learn to use a computer and attain a skill level enabling them to work or participate in an online business.

Can you become wealthy working an online business? You bet your life you can. Is it easy? No it is not, but it has been and is being done as we talk. Can you earn a million dollars in a year? I doubt it but you can earn $100,000 in a year withrepparttar 117629 proper program and lots of help and hard work. Being realistic, we all know that just wanting to be a millionaire is a pipe dream unless we can visualize how to go about it. Letís lower our sights a bit and say we wish to become financially independent. Just what does that mean to you? What is financial independence? What specific conditions should exist to make you financially independent?

Think about that for a bit.

Financial independence occurs when a person has gainedrepparttar 117630 resources to actually afford to dorepparttar 117631 things they wish without dependence on outside sources or employment to achieve their goals and aspirations, whatever they may be. I did not identify what those aspirations may be. That is a personal thing and up to each individual to identify and pursue. This is whererepparttar 117632 Dream comes in. What is it you really wish to accomplish? When you can identifyrepparttar 117633 specific content of your Dream you can then think about finding ways to achieve it.

It does not matter whether or notrepparttar 117634 Dream is large or small, what really matters is that you have it. Then you must realize that wishing does not make Dreams come true; hard work and time makes Dreams come true. If you are willing to Dream and be dedicated to doingrepparttar 117635 things you must to makerepparttar 117636 dream come true, you will succeed. As mentioned previously, an online business is a viable way to gain financial independence. Solidify your Dream and seriously look intorepparttar 117637 rewards to be gained through participating in or running your own online business today. Takerepparttar 117638 time to search and research, ask questions, learn what it takes and go to it. You can succeed if you are patient and willing to work as hard as necessary to realize your Dream.

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Quitting Your Job for a Home Based Business

Written by Angela Wu

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Running a home business is still business, and you'll need a place where you can work comfortably. The old cardboard box inrepparttar corner ofrepparttar 117621 family room may have been okay as a makeshift "office" when you only spent a couple of hours a day using it... but do you really want that type of setup when you're running a business full-time?

Ideally, you should have a working area where you can concentrate -- and with some basic furniture that won't give you aches and pains byrepparttar 117622 end ofrepparttar 117623 day.

A separate room is best. That way you'll be able to keep your business equipment, files, and materials organized and safe fromrepparttar 117624 hustle and bustle of your personal or family life.

=== Is your business continuing to grow?

Many people find that their business grows in leaps and bounds for a few exhilarating months. Then growth starts to slow, until it 'flatlines'. This could be due to any number of reasons... but a common reason is that you simply don't haverepparttar 117625 time to continue to build your business while you're still working your job. But your business isn't yet bringing inrepparttar 117626 same income as you currently make at your job. What do you do?

Unfortunately, there isn't an easy answer. Ask yourself if you're ready to take that final leap - to quit your job before your business earnings have replaced your income. How will this impact your lifestyle?

=== What does your family think?

Family support is always welcome when you're working hard to build a business. Keep in mind that it's exciting and scary for them, too: they're also affected byrepparttar 117627 changes in income and lifestyle. Sit down with them and have an open discussion on any upcoming changes.

Best of luck with your pursuit of a new career!


Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a practical guide for beginners on how to build an online business on a shoestring budget. Visit her online at or request a series of 10 free reports to get you started. Send a blank email to:

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