Do You Have Web Site Challenges ?

Written by Tony Simpson

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1. Getting more visitors from search engines

2. Writing content to attract search engines

3. Finding other sources to get more visitors

4. Gain/maintain more links to their web site

5. Get better Google Adwords results

6. How pages rank with search engines

7. Testing web pages for best changes to make

8. Creating better headlines for web pages

9. Getting better Adsense results

10. How/Which Search Engines to submit to

In regard to challenges overrepparttar next 12 months andrepparttar 147811 number one and two single biggest problems in running a web business,repparttar 147812 common theme was getting enough traffic, cheaply and findingrepparttar 147813 time to do everything.

On how experienced respondents considered themselves with all areas of WEB DESIGNrepparttar 147814 majority felt competent but would like to learn more.

When asked how experienced they considered themselves withrepparttar 147815 PROMOTION of a web siterepparttar 147816 majority knew nothing or just how to dorepparttar 147817 basics.


It was clear from these early results that issues with search engine ranking and getting more traffic by what ever means were amongrepparttar 147818 greatest challenges for website owners in 2005. Other specific problems were in creating content, managing and getting links and findingrepparttar 147819 time to do it all. The majority of respondents felt they knew little or justrepparttar 147820 basics about website promotion.

It remains to be seen whether these results change as more people completerepparttar 147821 survey, since it's still ongoing. Not enough responses have been collected to make these results statistically sound, so if you would like to contribute to these finding then you can takerepparttar 147822 short survey atrepparttar 147823 link below.

I will publish an update to these findings on my site. As a thank you for completingrepparttar 147824 survey I have some good advice onrepparttar 147825 site to help withrepparttar 147826 3rd highest issue with web design that of choosing an adding a link directory. I am also giving away some free automated link directory management software.

Tony Simpson, has 5 years in the trench experience of Website Design, Promotion and Optimization. He provides advice & product reviews at Web Page Add Ons to Make Automation of Your Website Work for You. Contribute to the Web Site Challenges 2005 Survey at :

A lesson to learn from film makers

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

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What about others who could not find time to watch television? And those few who does not haverepparttar pleasure of having it? This is where printed materials come in. Prints can be made as good an advertiser as television. Making them available on streets and every good location can guarantee readership. Visibility in outside places as well as inside is always a factor to consider. Most people are bound to be outside their homes doing errands, at work or just catching some sun. And they would get to see these visuals even if they want to or not. Seeing them is not a choice these people have to make because they have no choice. Upon seeing, reading follows suit, then interests are piqued, most often than not.

Being able to haverepparttar 147687 right printing resources and quality is an assurance. Gettingrepparttar 147688 right people to do it is another. Costs are not a big factor anymore now that many companies are into discounts atrepparttar 147689 same time givingrepparttar 147690 best they have to offer.

What makes a good movie? It is not only George Lucas. It is marketing, in tubes and in prints, among others.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got her first article printed in the school newsletter in the third grade. Her hobbies include reading any book she can get her hands on.

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