Do You Have "Excuse-itis" When Looking for a Job?

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

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The continuing withdrawal from looking for a job is close to a mental impediment, which can lead to depression, illness, anger, alcohol indulgence, etc.

Now what canrepparttar hapless job seeker do except to hide? The best of all ways is to take action, regardless ofrepparttar 143044 big, bad word of rejection. There might be many "We're not hiring" or "We've hired someone else".

There will be a yes: "You're hired!", in time. Patience, too, is better than "excuse-itis".

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Top5 Stress Relief Methods You Can Use

Written by Trevor Dumbleton

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2. Another choice for some people could be finding more free time for their own pleasures before arriving home, like going to a gym, to a library to take a good book. Other stress relief activities could be painting, ceramics or knitting.

3. For some people it is impossible to find any spare time between getting off of work and getting home. Sorepparttar advice for them is to try to find something relaxing inrepparttar 143043 car or when they get home. Music is a great stress relief method. It's helpful to have some CDs with your favorite music in your car. Also there is no problem if you don't start your homeworkrepparttar 143044 moment you arrive home. Try to read a magazine or to play with your kids.

4. There are also old stress management methods like deep-breathing or other meditative moves.

5. If you really feel very stressed at work you should talk about this issue with others but you should always try to find persons who can listen and understand you.

In conclusion choose some healthy way stress relief methods. If you don't do anything about your stress problem then you can become a negative force in your family.

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