Do You Get Attention With Your 30-Second Introduction?

Written by Kevin Dervin

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4. Say How You Solved a Problem or Served a Client. Reinforce your first 10 second sentence with a second sentence that shows how you solved a problem or overcame a particular issue or challenge. I help mid-sized accounting firms plan big conferences on a small budget. I just recently lined up free live entertainment for a firm that hosted 500 people in town last week.

5. Tell Them Why You Are Unique. What makes you stand out fromrepparttar crowd? Maybe its a unique model or approach for better results, focus on a specific niche, a guarantee, or extras that others dont provide. There are many ways to define your uniqueness that will help gain attention and make you memorable.

Make your introduction an attention getter. Start withrepparttar 148020 first 10 seconds. You can always build from there once it starts getting attention. Actually write it down and practice out loud several times until you can just say it naturally.

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Online Joint Venture Ideas
Online Joint Venture Ideas
Online Joint Venture Ideas

Written by Daniel Cassidy

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6. Offer to insert a promotional ad for another business into your product package. Just ask them in return to dorepparttar same for your business.

7. Trade e-zine or auto-responder ads with similar businesses.

8. Team up with related businesses to create an promotional e-book to give away. Publish your web site ads inrepparttar 147933 e-book then just give it away for free.

9. Host a virtual trade show or seminar with another business. Include each other's promotional material onrepparttar 147934 web site.

10. Create a freeware program with another business. Include a promotional ad for each of your businesses inrepparttar 147935 program. Submit it to freeware and freebie sites.

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