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Written by Mike Hayden

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Mike Hayden is Founder/CEO of Senior Management Services and the Documentation Express in Silicon Valley, California. Mr Hayden is the author of "7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days! The book that smart bosses want their employees to read." ISBN 0-9723725-1-2. More articles at

Building skills in information marketing will boost your business

Written by Graham Jones

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Inrepparttar past year,repparttar 148530 Internet has gone from being just a source of referrals to my business, to beingrepparttar 148531 prime source of my business. Last year about 2% of my income came fromrepparttar 148532 Internet; now it's 95%. Andrepparttar 148533 switch has been because I deliver information online.

Many businesses, however, do not take advantage ofrepparttar 148534 huge consumer thirst for information. Instead, they just provide brochures and catalogues online. But what Internet users want isrepparttar 148535 information andrepparttar 148536 knowledge that exists within businesses.

So, to enhance your business and to ensure that your company succeeds online, make sure you provide information and knowledge-based products, such as ebooks and audio files. That way you'll be tapping intorepparttar 148537 consumer demand for information. You will be able to make money out of sellingrepparttar 148538 information you normally keep only for your customers. Withrepparttar 148539 Internet you can now sell that information to anyone.

Graham Jones is an Internet author, consultant and entrepreneur and is the lead speaker at Information Marketing 2005 (

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