Do We Need Web Directories?

Written by Stuart C. McHenry

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An important consideration in submitting is to be surerepparttar directory has a page rank of no less than three. Four or more is better -repparttar 143439 reason being thatrepparttar 143440 big search engines like Google and Yahoo will attach more relevance torepparttar 143441 link ifrepparttar 143442 directory is well rated. In fact, submitting to a directory with a low or no page rank can - if done frequently - lower your own site’s page rank.

One ofrepparttar 143443 best sites in which to find relevant web directories is Vile Silencer ( . This site will guide you to appropriate directories and even displaysrepparttar 143444 page rank of each directory.

Since directories are search engines edited by humans, detailed preparation must be made byrepparttar 143445 site owner or webmaster prior to submission. Be sure to offer a concise description ofrepparttar 143446 sites offering, staying withinrepparttar 143447 word allowance limits ofrepparttar 143448 directories. In addition,repparttar 143449 description should not include such self-promotional terms as “the best”, “the largest” or “best prices”. Directory editors consider this marketing hype and will undoubtably rejectrepparttar 143450 submission.

Regarding cost, many directories offerrepparttar 143451 option of free as well as paid submissions. Many older directories with a large database may no longer accept free submissions - although some still allow freebies despite their size. Newer directories almost always allow free submissions in order to more quickly increase their database. The larger these directories grow,repparttar 143452 more their importance onrepparttar 143453 web becomes andrepparttar 143454 more likely they are to charge for submission.

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Tribute to Corey Rudl

Written by Steve Dimeck

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Seeing that he was only helping a handful of people, he then put together his powerful "Internet Marketing Course," which in a matter of months became a bible forrepparttar people fromrepparttar 143370 whole world who wanted to learn about Internet marketing.

Ever since then, Corey has directly and indirectly helped thousands and thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs andrepparttar 143371 much-neglected newbies - succeed with their Internet marking businesses.

Corey Rudl had no equal. His drive and ambition led him torepparttar 143372 top ofrepparttar 143373 Internet marketing world. But then, he would always turn back and pull other people to success to join him.

Corey genuinely deservesrepparttar 143374 title of "Genius." He was one ofrepparttar 143375 very first marketers to grasp and userepparttar 143376 power of affiliate marketing. He even developed his own affiliate marketing software that incorporates all ofrepparttar 143377 needed features for successful affiliate marketing.

Most importantly, he went throughrepparttar 143378 hard work of making this and many more sophisticated tools of affiliate marketing available torepparttar 143379 whole world.

Thanks to Corey, there are many people and small businesses today that operate with a great deal of intelligence and skill even more so than many ofrepparttar 143380 companies ofrepparttar 143381 Fortune 500.

Some people will remember Corey forrepparttar 143382 money he made, some people will remember him forrepparttar 143383 domination ofrepparttar 143384 "How To" market inrepparttar 143385 Internet marketing niche, and some people will remember him for his passion – his passion forrepparttar 143386 Internet andrepparttar 143387 opportunities thatrepparttar 143388 Internet offers torepparttar 143389 little guy.

Corey's legend will greatly be remembered forrepparttar 143390 influence he had onrepparttar 143391 Internet marketing world. An influence that will last forever.

Corey will be remembered as a great son, great husband, great mentor, great friend, great boss, great person and someone to look up to – an inspiration for everyone.

Farewell Corey. There will never be another like you. Your legend will be transferred from generation to generation. You will live in people's hearts and memories for ever and ever.

I'll end this farewell article with a line from Elton John's song 'Candle In The Wind': "Your candle's burned out long before your legend ever will."

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