Do We Have Free Will?

Written by C. Taylor

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All of this makesrepparttar roller coaster ride of life look like a terrifyingly uncertain and dangerous thing.

We deny, we hide, we fight. We do everything we can to hold ontorepparttar 126957 sides ofrepparttar 126958 roller coaster and not go onrepparttar 126959 ride – no matter how painful and unsatisfying this is.

How “free” is any action of ours anyway if we are unconsciously and blindly driven by all of these fear and confusion-filled survival motivations?

In this situation our every next action is determined byrepparttar 126960 limited current state of our unconscious psyches, rather thanrepparttar 126961 byrepparttar 126962 all of life.

So,repparttar 126963 challenge is, will we makerepparttar 126964 only choice we have and let go of all of our self-imposed limitations so that we can immerse ourselves inrepparttar 126965 free-flow of life?

To become life.

This challenge is deeply terrifying to our beings, because it means letting go of our deep-seated need to be in control of our lives.

We need to believe that we are in control of our lives because we feel, in our earliest unmet childhood place, that we have no control and that’s very scary.

We need to decide for ourselves what kind of life we want to live:

Being dragged along by life, terrified (but hiding it well), kicking and screaming, or, to leap ontorepparttar 126966 roller coaster and glory inrepparttar 126967 ride, exhilarated by every twist and turn, delighted by allrepparttar 126968 beautiful textures and experiences alongrepparttar 126969 way.

No one else can do it for us. It’s up to us.

Go well.

Years of research into consciousness, zero-point physics theory, emergence theory, memes and many other new understandings coming out of mathematics and physics. Ongoing work as relationship therapist is bringing deep revelations about the nature of our psyches. Author/illustrator children’s books (e.g. I Wish My Dad Was A Pirate). Music CD (The Nothing Booth).

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Written by Abdullah bin abid

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repparttar earth is having an age then it is having a beginning and if it has a beginning then it has been created by a creator because it cannot begin itself by itself. Quran asked man to probe and know howrepparttar 126956 creation began it opines. ‘And say more on earth and see howrepparttar 126957 creation has began” This Quranic verse indicates many points. It tells us that probingrepparttar 126958 issues related torepparttar 126959 beginning of earth would enable Man to know howrepparttar 126960 creation has began and that such a divine will enable man to realizerepparttar 126961 age ofrepparttar 126962 existence of may creations on earth. The six days which has been mentioned in Quran was duration forrepparttar 126963 creation of cosmos is indicating various periods in whichrepparttar 126964 cosmos has undergonerepparttar 126965 process of creation. It is not similar in its duration torepparttar 126966 days which man knows today. This six days (six periods) have been divided into three periods: Firstly, two days (one period) forrepparttar 126967 creation of earth fromrepparttar 126968 smoking sky. The skies and earth were one unit and they were separated by an explosion. Secondly, two days (one period) forrepparttar 126969 creation of seven skies. Thirdly, two days (one period) for managingrepparttar 126970 boons and maintenance for those who will need it. Dr. Mansoor assumed that there is a vast period which separatesrepparttar 126971 creation of earth andrepparttar 126972 creation of Man. Ifrepparttar 126973 above three periods are manipulated forrepparttar 126974 purpose of calculatingrepparttar 126975 age of earth, thenrepparttar 126976 period betweenrepparttar 126977 creation of earth andrepparttar 126978 appearance of Man which has been estimated to be 4.5 billions can be multiplied in three andrepparttar 126979 age of cosmos can be estimated to be 13.5 billion years. Some other scientists estimaterepparttar 126980 age of cosmos in different ways depending onrepparttar 126981 cosmos extension,repparttar 126982 red displacement, etc. Depending on these factorsrepparttar 126983 estimaterepparttar 126984 age of cosmos to be 13 or 15 billions years.

proffesional busines person and islamic scholar

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