Do We All Dream in the Same Language?

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Clinical Psychology, The EQ Coach

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No one in my household wasrepparttar slightest bit worried about thunder, and I rarely even "hear" it, but I have a friend whose hands start to shake. Innate temperament and a mother who feared lightning.

I have a friend who can’t ever really relax on a vacation trip. She always has a vague anxiety about traveling. Nothing phobic, just uneasy. When I asked her to talk about traveling when she was a kid, she flashed immediately to a time when her mother took her and her 3 siblings by train from Chicago to Texas back when things were even more iffy - they got stranded for 6 hours at one switchover, and her mother totally broke down inrepparttar 126232 station, with her 4 little kids, no food, no help, allrepparttar 126233 bags, no information. She started crying and screaming hysterically and my friend remembers this as clearly as if it were now. It's part of what her mother "taught" her about traveling.

Her brain got it wired that travel = panic, and then each trip she’s taken since then has reinforced that.

Things like NLP and coaching can start to unhook these connections and no, you can’t do it by reading a self-help book. Remember, it isn’t a “thinking” thing. Wrong brain.

You can learn something immediately – just memorize that list of phone numbers - but to learn something new intorepparttar 126234 limbic brain takes practice and repetition, and a coach or someone to interact with who has a new perspective.

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Who are we?

Written by Vadim Smolyanov and Valentina Smolyanova

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The use of fire,repparttar creating of dwelling in caves,repparttar 126231 manufacturing of clothes from skins of animals becamerepparttar 126232 second step forrepparttar 126233 homeostasis of ecosystem infringement. Constant rather comfortable conditions of existence of our primogenitors have reduced an interval between mating seasons, actually having maderepparttar 126234 continuously mating season. Similar process is presently observed in domestic animals. If for Neanderthal men while they were at expansion this increase of ability to reproduction was not acting to any way, for our primogenitors and for an ecosystem where they existed it has turned back great disaster. Unreasonable prepeople number increase was accompanied by destruction of all accessible sources of nutrition; expansion on other terrains was handicapped by Neanderthal men who have already occupied all terrains. The tendency torepparttar 126235 expansion, warmed up by intrinsic tendency to a breeding, absence ofrepparttar 126236 united-limiting principle similar to principles of an ecosystem homeostasis, and impossibility to be expansion has broken off a generality of. One way remained to our ancestors. Way was to eat similar prepeople, further it became norm, that has resulted in sharp reduction of prepeople number. All this meat grinder and unnatural selection developed ingenuity of prepersons; they have learnt to distinguish himself from others (forrepparttar 126237 first time appears an associative structure of self-identification). It was a process having given a push to development of individual and having sped up unnatural selection in struggle of all against all. It lasted until one family has realised himself (under pressure of a self-preservative instinct) asrepparttar 126238 united force capable to resist against existing chaos. This was fixed by genetical and physiological change. A potent associative generality structure arose in mentality and on its basisrepparttar 126239 system of behaviour rules and interdiction are assumed, first of all interdiction on murder of a family member. The further killing (continuation of unnatural selection process) has been directed to interdiction infringers (owners of high aspiration to a breeding and gluttonies) already fromrepparttar 126240 part of a community. Interdiction braked and pushed downrepparttar 126241 aspiration to expansion intorepparttar 126242 unconscious. Associative structure linked with behaviour in a community and in a society was formed in "Super ego" (described by Z. Freud asrepparttar 126243 mental structure not realised byrepparttar 126244 person arising under influence of social rules and educational interdictions, shown in consciousness as conscience). The aspiration torepparttar 126245 interdiction breaking (i.e. a part of structures inherent for an animal including a reproductive instinct and all associative structures linked to expansion) was pushed down under influence "Super ego" intorepparttar 126246 unconscious. "Unconscious" has been formed byrepparttar 126247 pushing (discovered by Z. Freud and named as "It"). On border between "Super ego" and "Unconscious" appeared "Me-consciousness" onrepparttar 126248 basis of associative frame ofrepparttar 126249 self-identification generated during an epoch of struggle of all against all. So was born a reasonable person. Evolution has destroyed wholeness of animal mentality inrepparttar 126250 reasonable person. Animals do not have "Ego", "Super ego" (conscience or moral) and complexes that pushed out into "Unconscious". Evolution has allocated these three structures and has fixed their physiological and genetic changes. Now evolution of mentality ofrepparttar 126251 person occurs due to development of these structures and mutual relation between structures without genetic changes. The description of mental processes ofrepparttar 126252 person, his installations (introversion-extroversion) and preferable functions are well submitted in K. G. Jung's works. Feature of a person world perception consists in following. The person simultaneously perceives general picture of world around a through associative structures ofrepparttar 126253 right hemisphere (the sensing function of Jung) and distinguishes details through associative structures ofrepparttar 126254 left hemisphere (the cogitating function by Jung). A person only details during his conscious process or builds logic chain which does not acceptrepparttar 126255 contradiction (the cogitating function). "Unconscious" comes torepparttar 126256 aid for overcoming contradictions. The inspiration (insight) orrepparttar 126257 intuition forms new associative structure in "Unconscious" and gives out a full done picture intorepparttar 126258 consciousness, removing contradictions. For example we can see Newton's inspiration at discovering laws of Heavenly mechanics or we can see Mendeleyev's sleep which has openedrepparttar 126259 Periodic table of chemical elements. The intuition ofrepparttar 126260 person is advanced insight ofrepparttar 126261 supreme animals (the intuitive function of Jung). Frequentlyrepparttar 126262 person perceivesrepparttar 126263 situation entirely and determinesrepparttar 126264 attitude to a situation by a principle" it is pleasant - it is not pleasant". That is comparison (not realised) of a situation with structures "Super ego" (the feel function of Jung). Evolution has put (withrepparttar 126265 help of division of mentality on "Super ego", "Unconscious" and "Me")repparttar 126266 contradiction not only insiderepparttar 126267 person, but alsorepparttar 126268 contradiction between people due to different main mental function inrepparttar 126269 individual. Actually, because of it we speak with each other in different languages, but about it inrepparttar 126270 following chapter. Sorepparttar 126271 person is an inconsistent essence. Its self-identification is limited to consciousness and frame ofrepparttar 126272 body. Andrepparttar 126273 large part of mental processes is not realised, this is processes in "Super ego" and "Unconscious" structures. We perceive phenomenon of "Unconscious" that achieve consciousness more often sharply negatively. Why it occurs? The alive matter law was embodied into "Super ego" ofrepparttar 126274 person (the aspiration to chaos atrepparttar 126275 bottom level unites system atrepparttar 126276 top level). The law of a lifeless matter was embodied in "Unconscious" (the aspiration to association atrepparttar 126277 bottom level gives riserepparttar 126278 variety ofrepparttar 126279 top level). The consciousness reflects but not understands this contradiction and remains as a wanderer between heaven and earth.

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