Do Not Sell in the Resource Box!

Written by David McKenzie

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2. A free ebook download. Promote your product via links throughoutrepparttar ebook. Also, offerrepparttar 129285 email course inrepparttar 129286 ebook as well.

3. An ezine packed with valuable content published either weekly, twice a month or monthly. Then promote your product with ezine ads throughout each issue. But make sure you do not go overboard with ezine ads. Generally,repparttar 129287 fewerrepparttar 129288 better.

The resource box is an invaluable marketing tool but is often used for making direct sales.

However, my own research has shown that by providing offers throughrepparttar 129289 resource box rather thanrepparttar 129290 product itself, your sales will actually increase.

Inrepparttar 129291 resource box provide an offer for readers to take further action.

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Remember Writing For Pleasure?

Written by Annette Beveridge-Young

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It is time to tune in to good old inspiration.

Writing can be therapeutic; it can channel anger and sadness, releasing bottled emotions, allowingrepparttar tension to slip away as you become immersed within your story line.

In this day and age, freelance writers cannot afford to write for pleasure very often. Time becomes very precious, with rigorous schedules in place to enable them to succeed in a competitive market; ambitions often drive them to breaking point. But every now and then, it is important to re-evaluate their values and write purely for pleasure, for release and for satisfaction.

Think back torepparttar 129284 moment when you realised you wanted to be a writer. What was it about writing that attracted yourepparttar 129285 most? Was itrepparttar 129286 unique opportunity to be able to glimpse into a different world or see life through anotherís eyes? Didrepparttar 129287 lyrical qualities of poetry inspire you to put pen to paper or did you feel untapped creativity surging through your body as inspiration come to life?

When we write for ourselves, we do not need to worry about word count or house style, our tensions evaporate as we become one with our subject. When our creative juices are exhausted, we feel contented again. These words are not wasted, even if they may never be published, they are just ways of channelling your feelings and they enable you to remember, why you became a writer inrepparttar 129288 first place.

Hone your skill, perfect your art, but when life gets too much, take time out to lose yourself in your creativity and just write for pure pleasure.

Annette Beveridge-Young Freelance writer Editor The Twist In The Tale Writers Competition And Resource Website.

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