Do Not Build A Website Until You Have Researched Your Keywords

Written by Kusuma Widjaja

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Pinpoint targeting and low competition means higher rankings - with less investment of time, effort, and money.

You must also be sure that your targeted search term is included inrepparttar right places inrepparttar 127819 HTML. It should appear in your Title, Description, your HI, H2, your first line of text, once or twice in each paragraph, once in bold, once in italic, and in some of your links. Don't know what I'm talking about? It's time to learn - just like you have to learn to use a saw, screws, nails, drill and glue to build a bookshelf.

Let's review that again - Here arerepparttar 127820 places your targeted keyword needs to be placed if you ever want a chance at #1 ranking: The Title ofrepparttar 127821 page The Description META tag The Keyword META tag In your headline - Userepparttar 127822 < hl > or< h2 > tag Your first line of text Once or Twice in each paragraph Once in bold Once in italics And, finally, in some links...

Amazingly, many people disdain these simple rules as trying to "trick"repparttar 127823 search engines. But they are wrong. Including your targeted search term inrepparttar 127824 right places is actually being POLITE torepparttar 127825 search engines. It helpsrepparttar 127826 spider decide whether your site is relevant for a given search.

If your page is about "Atkins diet meal plans for women," wouldn't it be logical for those words to be in your Title, your Description, your Headlines, your links, and your text? The only reason they wouldn't be is if your site is about something else! That's howrepparttar 127827 spiders think. So should you. Be smarter than your competitors. Simplify your site's HTML and use it well.

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Along Came a Spider (Part One)

Written by Julia Hyde

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Contrary to popular belief there’s no need to submit your Web site pages torepparttar crawler-based search engines—if your site is built withrepparttar 127818 search engine’s and your visitor’s best interests in mind,repparttar 127819 crawler-based engines will find it on their own. I’ll talk about this in more detail in a future chapter.

The two major crawler-based search engines supply results for:

Google - AOL, Netscape and iWon

Yahoo (synonymous with Inktomi) - MSN, Alta Vista and AllTheWeb

Online Directories

Directories are like giant yellow pages that compile, rank and organize listings into different categories and sub-categories. They do not crawlrepparttar 127820 Web looking for content but rely on submissions from web site owners. Professional, human editors generally edit directories. Most of them work something like this:

 You want to buy a pair of jeans so you go to a directory like DMOZ and click onrepparttar 127821 main shopping category.  Then you click throughrepparttar 127822 sub-categories, “apparel” “retail” “jeans” and so on, until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Top Directories include:

 The Open Directory (supplies directory services to Google)  Yahoo  Looksmart  Gimpsy  Zeal  JoeAnt

Although submitting your site for inclusion in directories will drive some visitors to your site, you should not necessarily base your decision to submit on how much traffic you think you’ll receive fromrepparttar 127823 directory. But, rather, viewrepparttar 127824 submission as an opportunity to obtain a link to your Web site. Why? Because a directory listing will allowrepparttar 127825 crawler-based engines to follow a link to your site and help get your site indexed in their database quickly. It will also give your site a good quality incoming link (more about this in later chapters).

Next month: Words. Words. Words.

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