Do Natural Thyroid Boosters Work?

Written by Darlene Manchester

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3) Thyrin ATC™

These products contain thyroid boosting ingredients which support healthy thyroid function. What other benefits can these products offer you?

- They can increase metabolic rate andrepparttar number of calories burned - They can increase memory and concentration - They can decrease fatigue and sleep disturbances - Improve your quality of life

You might not need to resort to prescription strength drugs to achieve your goal of optimal thyroid function. Natural supplements give you an excellent alternative to prescription strength thyroid drugs. These products have limited side effects, less drug interactions, and are less expensive than a lot ofrepparttar 135084 prescription strength thyroid medications available onrepparttar 135085 market today.

Based on current research and recent problems with both pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs, natural alternative thyroid boosting products are probablyrepparttar 135086 more logical option. Be consistent and administer as directed and hopefully you will getrepparttar 135087 desired results thousands of others have already experienced using these natural aids.

Darlene Manchester is a health and nutrition counselor specializing in the study of metabolic function and alternative medicine. She is also a published author and an avid health and fitness enthusiast.

Men's Handbags - Will They Ever Catch On?

Written by Rufus Steele

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The Dior line for instance –- thinned down and mini sized messenger type bags that aren’t messenger bags but men’s handbags.

And that'srepparttar whole crux ofrepparttar 135054 matter.

Men will start to carryrepparttar 135055 man's handbag -- for want of a better name -- just so long as it doesn't destroy their perceived likeness to John Wayne orrepparttar 135056 Terminator.

But if it has any likeness to a true handbag as touted by millions of women then they’ll run a mile -- fast! It’s that word, you see. Strikes fear into evenrepparttar 135057 biggest man.


It just sounds girly. It’s a word all men associate with their mom. Nothing wrong with that, you say! I agree –- but although most men love and respect their moms –- they don’t want to dress like her. That includesrepparttar 135058 ‘handbag’.

Then you'll haverepparttar 135059 diehards who wouldn't touch a handbag for their wife, let alone themselves. These men, I suspect, would rather see NASCAR racing made into a non contact sport andrepparttar 135060 NFL forced to impose a non violent tackling rule before they ever handled a real, live handbag!

Mark you -- I bet these arerepparttar 135061 same men who, as soon as they getrepparttar 135062 car parked on a family trip out anywhere, turn to their wife and say "Gee honey, can I put my keys in your handbag??"

“And my cell phone?”

“Will my wallet fit in as well, do you think?”

Tch. MEN!

Rufus Steele is the author and creator of the Louis Vuitton Handbags website, a site dedicated to all things Louis Vuitton and designer handbags.

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