Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Written by Staggerlee Phillips

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All three lawsuits claim that plaintiffs were unable to contactrepparttar companies for guaranteed refunds after spending hundreds of dollars forrepparttar 150375 penis enhancers. Thousands of complaints have been registered with local government agencies andrepparttar 150376 Better Business Bureau against these companies, and others. According to one watch-dog group, penis enhancement pills are more successful at subtracting fromrepparttar 150377 male wallet than they are in adding length and fullness torepparttar 150378 male organ.

The resulting lawsuits could spell big trouble forrepparttar 150379 penis enlargement pill pushers. It could also spellrepparttar 150380 beginning ofrepparttar 150381 end of those companies who make false and sometimes outlandish claims that they cannot substantiate. There is alsorepparttar 150382 likelihood that other class action lawsuits may be forthcoming.

As my old man would say, "What goes around, comes around."

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Physical Fitness - Is Your Workout Missing Something?

Written by Mike Adams

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The missing component of physical fitness is agility.

If you just do weights or cardio, you're not going to develop agility. If you want agility, you have to move, and you have to adapt onrepparttar fly to changing (and often intense) situations.

Some sports and fitness activities promote agility more than others. For me, martial arts gave me agility. I've been dong WingTsun Kung Fu(TM) for 25 years, and martial arts in general for almost 30. I have to be able to adapt to what an opponent is doing quickly and perfectly. I have to seizerepparttar 150374 advantage, gain and maintain dynamic control. I have to stay balanced and graceful even while moving rapidly and adjusting torepparttar 150375 changing dynamics of sparring.

Many other sports really develop agility as well. Basketball, tennis, soccer, hockey, skiing, snowboarding... they all develop and require agility.

If you're not doing something to develop agility, today is a good day to start. You'll be amazed atrepparttar 150376 difference increased agility will make in feeling physically fit. Before long you'll move withrepparttar 150377 grace of a cat, you'll bound like a gazelle.

Don't just lift weights and do cardio - get out there and do something to increase your agility as well. Get together with some buddies for basketball. Go play some tennis. Take up martial arts. Agility will give yourepparttar 150378 ability to actually DO something with all ofrepparttar 150379 physical fitness you've been developing. You will feel better and move better, and you will probably have a lot more fun than just running on a treadmill or lifting weights!

Mike Adams owns WingTsun Kung Fu schools in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa - Dynamic Martial Arts: Mike also runs, an online fitness equipment catalog:

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