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Written by Mark Cole

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First,repparttar next time you think that you have learned enough about a topic or about your profession, well, then, consider taking up another! Men like Sherman never stopped learning, even though they did not haverepparttar 136838 benefit of easy access to schools. A good strategy to get that extra skill or body of knowledge is to commit to writing a book aboutrepparttar 136839 topic, then start your research. That is preciselyrepparttar 136840 approach of Paul Johnson,repparttar 136841 British journalist and historian. He decides he wants to learn something. So he goes torepparttar 136842 library and starts reading. Eventually he produces a book onrepparttar 136843 topic. Then he starts again. Not a bad way to earn a living, if you think about it.

Second, commit yourself to making an impact in your community. Sherman was an elected governmental official for most of his adult life. He played an enormous role in American history duringrepparttar 136844 country’s formative years. Now, you don’t necessarily have to run for office, but you do need to do something to impactrepparttar 136845 community beyond your own immediate self-interest and gratification. Figure out whatrepparttar 136846 best approach is for you in light of your gifts, talents and interests. Then start and never look back!

Third, remember this simple truth: life is not about how little you can do, but about how much. Roger Sherman died when he was nominally 71, but probably squeezed 120 years of productivity into that time. Yes, he was an exceptional individual. But he was also one of us, a flesh and blood human being with both strengths and weaknesses. Yet look at all that he did! If Sherman were alive today, he would affirm to you this simple truth: you can do more, be more, learn more and serve your community more than you are currently!

What are you waiting for?

Mark Cole, an attorney, has degrees from Baylor, Yale, Notre Dame & University of Houston. To learn more about how the Great Men can inspire and motivate you, visit

Are You Man Enough?

Written by Mark Cole

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From General George S. Patton I have learned about focus and intensity.

And so on. And believe me, I am just getting warmed up!


So hopefully you are asking why all of that matters to you. Good question!

Here’srepparttar answer. Now, I am ready to pass onrepparttar 136812 secrets ofrepparttar 136813 lives ofrepparttar 136814 Great Men to you through my new web site:

What I have done for you at is this: I've blownrepparttar 136815 dust offrepparttar 136816 chronicles of wisdom accumulated throughrepparttar 136817 ages, and I have rediscoveredrepparttar 136818 secrets of masculinity by studyingrepparttar 136819 lives of those men – those Great Men - who settledrepparttar 136820 Western World, explored Africa, tamedrepparttar 136821 American Wild West, destroyedrepparttar 136822 Nazis and Communism in defense of liberty.

I have researchedrepparttar 136823 lives ofrepparttar 136824 Great Men and written several, power-packed E-courses based upon their biographies. These E-courses and related materials are waiting to revealrepparttar 136825 secrets ofrepparttar 136826 lives ofrepparttar 136827 Great Men to you – if you are prepared to listen, to learn and to act.


Not ready to read a 1,000 page biography? No problem. You do not have to dorepparttar 136828 heavy-lifting; I have done it for you.

My series of E-courses will tell you howrepparttar 136829 Great Men did what they did and how they became who they were. If you follow my E-courses, you will not only learn aboutrepparttar 136830 qualities ofrepparttar 136831 Great Men, you will be challenged to be a better man yourself.

By getting to knowrepparttar 136832 Great Men – by adopting them as your mentors - you will be constantly challenged to look intorepparttar 136833 mirror and measure yourself…Not so much against their achievements, but against your own potential. And if you are anything like most American men today, you have not even begun to tap your true potential! Wouldn’t it be exciting if you did?

If you visit, you will quickly see that my approach and my products are unique because they are grounded not in my opinion but inrepparttar 136834 proven lives ofrepparttar 136835 Great Men.

And my products will make their lives accessible to you. Yes, massive, erudite, scholarly and learned biographies describing in painfully minute (and often mind-numbing) detailrepparttar 136836 life of almost any Great Man are everywhere. But most men today have neitherrepparttar 136837 time norrepparttar 136838 interest to wade through these scholarly tomes for six months just to take away a nugget or two of inspiration.


One ofrepparttar 136839 secrets ofrepparttar 136840 Great Men which I will reveal to you right now is simply this. The Great Men all knew how to take action. Visit my web site today and sign up forrepparttar 136841 free gifts which are available to anyone who stumbles onto that site by accident. But if you visit and sign up forrepparttar 136842 free special report, I will also immediately begin emailing you a daily tip on becoming a Great Man. Each daily tip will be grounded inrepparttar 136843 life of a Great Man; in other words, it will not be just one more guru’s opinion which will come and go. It will be based in rock-solid, proven, time-tested historical fact.

But to get started, you must act today.

What are you waiting for? Put downrepparttar 136844 TV remote control, and take this first step:

Mark Cole

Mark Cole is an attorney and lives near Magnolia, Texas (population 1,111) with his wife, Shona, son Matthew, daughters Lily Kate and Laura, and two dogs. To learn more about how the Great Men can inspire and motivate you, please visit Copyright 2005 Corsair Enterprises LLC

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