Do Low Carbohydrate Diets Lead to Weight Loss Success?

Written by Marsha J. Hudnall, MS, RD, CD

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“Results are results – I saw successful weight loss, didn’t I?”

Many people do lose weight on high protein low carb diets. Instead of fat, however, they're initially losing more water than anything else -- and it quickly returns once off low carb diets. They seem to see successful weight loss, too, because low carb diets restrict many foods, resulting in eating less than usual.

The big question is: Is it really successful weight loss if it doesn't stay off? For most people, if weight loss is achieved quickly and with a restrictive method such as a diet that does not allow for individual likes and dislikes, thenrepparttar lost pounds will return, along with discouragement, defeat and even more pounds than before. What’s more, high protein low carb diets may also increase risk for health problems such as osteoporosis, cancer, even heart disease. A healthy intake of whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables -- often onrepparttar 131459 “avoid” list in high protein low carb diets – appears to help reduce this risk, and isrepparttar 131460 mainstay of a sensible plan to achieve weight loss success.

Create your own weight loss success story.

Despite what you hear about high protein low carb diets, there's little evidence that weight loss success is truly (permanently) achieved. What's more, disordered eating behaviors are usually reinforced by high protein low carb diets, adding torepparttar 131461 struggles that low carbohydrate diets and other diets are supposed to solve. Stop dieting now and start living a healthy lifestyle that truly leaves you feeling good!

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Holiday Eating: Party Hearty Without Putting on the Pounds!

Written by Marsha J. Hudnall, MS, RD, CD

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What will be onrepparttar menu? A simple, healthy meal with some added festive touches will not only impress your guests, but it will truly be enjoyed by all - especially you! Many holiday menus start with roast turkey. Roasting a turkey or turkey breast is relatively simple, but most grocery and/or meat markets will roast it for you. Serve it with Brown Rice Pilaf or Wild Rice Pilaf (both recipes fromrepparttar 131458 new edition of Green Mountain's cookbook Recipes for Living). Add dried cherries or cranberries, chopped toasted pecans and chopped fresh parsley for a festive touch. A colorful tossed green salad could be as simple as a bag of mixed field greens with orange segments and red onion rings. Garnish with a slice of herbed chevre (goat cheese). Serve with Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette (another Green Mountain favorite). Take advantage ofrepparttar 131459 sweets and other treats ofrepparttar 131460 season that your local bakery will surely be making; order a tray of assorted cookies, for example. Serve with a scoop of raspberry, lemon or tropical fruit sorbet in holiday dishes. Or if you want a real "wow" but simple dessert, try Marinated Strawberries in Phyllo cups.

Make Yourself a Priority

This isrepparttar 131461 bottom line for holidays that you really enjoy. Remember, if you take care of yourself first, then you're much better equipped to take care of everyone else. But women just don't tend to do that. A survey last month of 1000 women revealed that while almost all women would enjoy doing something for themselves like taking a walk or an aromatic bath, most spend less than 30 minutes a day nurturing themselves…and almost 10 hours a day caring for others! Clearly, we're out of balance here. Now there's a great gift -repparttar 131462 gift of more time for you!

No More New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight!

The staff at Green Mountain at Fox Run wishes yourepparttar 131463 happiest, healthiest holiday season ever. Our other wish for you is that you approachrepparttar 131464 New Year not with another resolution to take off pounds gained duringrepparttar 131465 holiday season. Instead, we wish that you enjoyrepparttar 131466 season without thinking about body size, instead caring for yourself in a way that allows you to go throughrepparttar 131467 season feeling vibrant and well. The truth is that most of us may put on a pound or two duringrepparttar 131468 holidays when wonderful foods abound. But if we're tuned in to feeling well, and supporting our bodies with sensible enjoyable eating, regular physical activity, stress management and positive thinking, those extra pounds won't be permanent. With this lifestyle in place, we'll find our weight returns to its natural, healthy place oncerepparttar 131469 abundance ofrepparttar 131470 holidays subsides.

©2004 Green Mountain at Fox Run, Ludlow, Vermont. Marsha J. Hudnall, MS, RD is director of communications and senior nutritionist. For over 32 years, Green Mountain at Fox Run has developed and refined a life-changing program of permanent weight loss through lifestyle change, exclusively for women ( To learn more about Green Mountain at Fox Run, visit us at:

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