Do It Yourself Divorce in California

Written by Sara Jenkins

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interest in any real property, wherever situated. Butrepparttar Divorce Laws in California might allowrepparttar 145671 lease of residence, which must terminate within one year ofrepparttar 145672 date of filing ofrepparttar 145673 petition. But it must not include an option to purchase. According to do It Yourself Divorce Laws in California, there may not be more than $4,000 in unpaid obligations incurred by either or both spouses afterrepparttar 145674 date of marriage. This money excludes amounts owed for automobiles.

Do It Yourself Divorce Laws in California permits Community Property Assets that are less than $25,000, excluding all encumbrances and automobiles. This also includes any deferred compensation/retirement plan. A couple who is filing a Do It Yourself Divorce in any California Court should have executed an agreement setting forthrepparttar 145675 division of assets and liabilities. They need to execute allrepparttar 145676 documents necessary to effectuaterepparttar 145677 agreement.

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Child Party Planner, 9 Steps To A Successful Party

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

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Your Birthday Party Location

You may want to control your child's birthday party by holdingrepparttar celebration in your home and/or backyard. Or you may want to consider having your birthday party at another location like a local restaurant (where they do most ofrepparttar 145670 clean-up) or a local park, amuzement part, zoo or some other fun location. To keep your child party planning managable, call any other locations your considering in advance... You don't want to hear "we're all booked up on that date."

Kid Birthday Party Invitations

Once you and your child have decided on a theme, your party date, time, location and guest list, you can create or purchase kid birthday party invitations involving your theme. Putting together creative invitations is a great way to spend quality time with your child. Let them help you pick outrepparttar 145671 invitations or let them help makerepparttar 145672 invitations. And remember, your invitations should be creative, fun and let your invited guests know your party is going to be special.

Kid Birthday Party Food and Drinks

The first thing that comes to mind when you say "birthday Party" is a birthday cake. You can purchase a ready made cake, have one made especially for your party, or you can have a wonderful time creating a special cake from an easy recipe that fits your theme.

For other snacks and treats, keep your party theme in mind.

Kid Birthday Party Games and Activities

Put together a list of games and activities to keep your party guests busy and having lots of fun.

You may also want to include quiet games, puzzles and other activities designed to wind your party down so your guests will go home a little less excited.

Birthday Party Thank You Notes

A day or so after your birthday party, sit down with your child and send out thank you notes to each of your guests. This will help to teach your child responsibility and how to thank their friends for being kind enough to bring them a gift or birthday card.

By following these 9 steps to a successful kid birthday party your party planning will be so much easier and lots of fun.

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