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Written by John Evans

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Inrepparttar third window, you can put a brief explanation of what you're tracking, such as "Super ad in All-In One Ezine." Now, just click Submit, and in a couple of seconds that screen will be refreshed, and now, inrepparttar 101013 last window will berepparttar 101014 ROIbot code you will use in your ads. The code will look something like this:

The 'R0000' is your ID for ROIbot (in this example only), andrepparttar 101015 '0000' will be replaced by an ID number they give you. When someone sees your ad, with this ROIbot URL, and clicks on it, two things will happen. First, they will be taken right to your page that this URL pointed to in your Campaign Management setup (

Second, you can now go to your "Generate Campaign Reports" page, and see how many have clicked on this URL, and which ezine and/or ad it came from.

I told you it was simple!....

Here's something else that's great about this program. If you advertise in 20 different ezines, you can set up 20 different ROIbot URLs, and track them all atrepparttar 101016 same time! Now you don't have to guess which ad or which ezine is pulling for you....ROIbot will tell you. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ copyright2001-02 John Evans You can make money withrepparttar 101017 Secret Site. "A Site to behold." You can use this article but please leave it intact. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Dirt Cheap Free Advertising...

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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- You can use them as a bonus offer to increaserepparttar perceived value of your product.

- You can even resell them and generate income atrepparttar 101012 front end.

- You can userepparttar 101013 customization option to generate income atrepparttar 101014 back end.

"What if you could create your very own customizable ebooks?"...Well then get ready to watchrepparttar 101015 explosion of green bucks all around you...It is not totally unheard of.

Most of you who have spent some time onrepparttar 101016 internet are familiar with `Autoresponder Magic` or `Million Dollar Emails` - these userepparttar 101017 very same tactics described above. And ...

Yes...repparttar 101018 technique is extremely powerful, totally duplicable, grossly under utilized...It could trigger a scandalous fortune for you atrepparttar 101019 end ofrepparttar 101020 road.

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